Truck Trailer Hire

When you are in the market for a larger trailer to increase your load capacity, consider hiring a truck trailer in preference to purchasing one.  Hiring a trailer provides convenience and the opportunity to exchange trailers according to the type of load being carried.  With the convenience of trailers that have fixed sides, canvas sides and refrigerated units, hiring a trailer provides a flexibility that is not normally financially possible.

What is Truck Trailer Hire?

The variety of work that a truck operator is commissioned to complete by customers makes the availability of a flexible trailer hire a convenient method of meeting client haulage requests at a cost to the company that is both reasonable and affordable.  Designs available include flat bases that tip to enable heavy vehicle haulage as well as trailers that are box designs with a variety of options for the side walls and covers.  Fixed walls and canvas walls enable easy loading and unloading of different loads.

Where Can I Find a Truck Trailer Hire Company?

Industry colleagues are often the best source of information on the location of truck trailer hire companies that offer good service.  A few of the best truck trailer hire companies in the UK are listed below.

  • Dawson Truck Hire is the largest supplier of Truck Trailers for hire in the country and provided trailers to all locations on request.
  • Collies Flexible Truck and Trailer Hire have outlets throughout the country, including Norwich, Southampton, Manchester and Felixstowe. 
  • Hireco is located in multiple locations throughout Northern Ireland and throughout England.  They are now establishing themselves as a one of the largest trailer hire companies in the country.

Estimated Costs of Truck Trailer Hire

Flexible contracts allowing for short and long term lease options are a useful alternative to fixed long term contracts.  Flexible contracts allow the trailers to be exchanged regularly according to need and customer orders.  Contracts allow for half day and one day hire for small jobs.  They may also extend over a week, a month or an extended period including annual or longer leases over multiple years.  Pricing is varied and most companies request a price on application be submitted to enable individual quotes to be provided to customers.

Most companies replace their trailers a maximum of every four years, so choosing to lease a trailer rather than purchasing one, doesn’t only reduce the overall operating costs for your company, but also ensures that equipment is modern and safe to operate and maintained by the hiring companies service company for the life of the lease.  This focus on risk management by regular replacement of trailers should be a factor that helps you to choose between truck and trailer hire companies.  Provision of roadside assistance may also be a useful guide to choosing the best hire company for your business needs.

Hiring a trailer enables a business to focus on the work they are contracted to complete without the concern of availability of suitable containers to complete the contracted work.  Increased productivity and reduced transport costs enable you to pass savings to your customers creating a competitive edge for your trucking business.


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