Tri Axle Trailer Hire

There are a host of different trailers that exist for hire.  Generally, they come with single axles, double axles or tri axles (three axles).  Some examples of tri axle trailers are flatbed trailers, car transporters, curtain sided trailers and generally any bigger trailer.

Where Can I Find A Tri Axle Trailer Hire Company?

It is very easy to find a tri axle trailer hire company, as there are many to choose from all across the United Kingdom.  Some of the better known tri axle trailer hire companies are:

  • Southampton Trailer Hire, based in Netley Abbey, Southampton, this company has many different types of trailers, including tri axle trailer hire.
  • Cartwright Rentals, based in Altrincham, Cheshire, have a vast array of trailers available, including curtain siders, box vans, refrigerated trailers, double deck trailers, skeletal trailers, intermodal trailers, flatbed trailers (tri axle trailer hire), mechanical handling and cold stores.
  • Trailer Tek, based in Winchesters, Hampshire, also has a host of different trailers available, including tri axle trailer hire.
  • Salford Van Hire, based in Salford, offer different tri axle trailers, including curtain sided trailers, a GRP box van trailer and a refrigerated trailer.  They also offer many other kinds of trailers for hire.
  • Barlow Trailers have recently added a tri axle trailer hire to their fleet, being the Williams LM146 flatbed trailer conversion. 

You could try contacting some of the companies above if you are looking for tri axle trailer hire.  However, there is no better advertising than word of mouth so why not try and find some trusted recommendations on which companies deliver and which don’t?  You could speak to colleagues, friends, local businesses, members of your family or anyone you know who may have used a tri axle trailer hire company in the past, or who knows of someone who has.  Following a trusted recommendation also means you could save yourself the time and effort it takes to compare a host of different companies, of course.

Estimated Costs of Tri Axle Trailer Hire

Tri axle trailers are generally larger trailers, so can be slightly more expensive than domestic use trailers for example.  Many companies that offer tri axel trailer hire do offer discounted rates for longer term hire, meaning that your overall daily cost will be greatly reduced.  For example, a Brian James Tri Axel Transporter trailer should cost you around £45 for a single day.  Many companies will also offer you a reduced rate for additional days, often up to 50% reduced.  The same trailer should cost you around £175 for a week, £300 for two weeks or £400 for a month.

So, if you are looking for tri axle trailer hire you needn’t look far as there are many places you can go to.  Remember to try speaking to some people who may have used a tri axle trailer hire company in the past, as they could give you some great hints and tips on which companies to use, and which most certainly not to use of course.


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