Tipping Trailer Hire

Agricultural and construction workers often require the use of trailers that allow loads to be tipped from the trailer directly to the delivery location.  A tipping trailer is the ideal method to transport grains and loose building materials in a safe and efficient manner, utilising a trailer especially designed to contain the load, and reduce spillage and wastage.

What is a Tipping Trailer?

A tipping trailer is a trailer designed to carry heavy loads and is balanced by multiple wheels to provide stability.  Body types for the trailers include Plank Sided, “U Shape” and monocoque.  Body sizes differ according to needs and the load type being carried.  Many can carry loads in excess of 44 tonnes.  Most companies provide advice on the best body type for different jobs and required services.  Trailers offer the flexibility of rear end dropping of loads or from the sides depending on the type of load and location.  They are made of galvanised steel and are corrosion resistant making them ideal for the carriage of grains and other crops.

Tipping Trailers are electrically operated and utilise other specifications which make operation simple and safe despite the load size.  With a variety of body types all types of loose loads can be accommodated.  A simple switch operates the tipping mechanisms making handling easy and safe.  A manual back-up system provides the system with backup in the rare occurrence of an electrical malfunction.  Covers are available for many trailers which provide protection for the load and don’t flap and allow access to the load even with the cover in place.

Where Can I find a Tipping Trailer Company?

Colleagues in the trucking business can supply information and advice on companies providing excellent business services.  Other companies have built their reputations due to their long established business relationship with the trucking community.  Two of the most popular tipping trailer companies are below:

  • Payne Brothers are located in East Anglia but supply trailers to locations throughout the UK. 
  • T.I.P Trailer Rental in Manchester offer a similar service to customers

Special licenses are required to tow a tipping trailer and most companies will require a sighting of the license prior to the contract being signed.  Extra insurance may also be required. 

Estimated Costs of a Tipping Trailer Company?

Most packages are priced on application due to the different prices offered for the type and size of trailers required. Packages include maintenance and breakdown services.  Prices average £40 per day including VAT and insurance.  Weekly and longer term hiring usually incurs a lower hiring cost.  Accessories may add to the basic hiring costs and needs can be arranged at time of hire.

Whether the requirement is for a large or small trailer, most companies will stock a trailer that is ideal for the size and weight of the load you need to shift.  They are easy to operate and provide many extra options that enable easy and safe loading and unloading.  Trailers are particularly suited to work within the industrial and agricultural sectors.  Hiring, rather than purchasing a tipping trailer offers flexibility and cost efficiency to your business budget.


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