Semi Trailer Hire

Trailer hire companies are a great option for people who only need occasional use of a trailer, who use all different types of trailer, or who just don’t have room in their garage to store a trailer of their own.  Hiring a trailer can allow you to store and transport anything from heavy machinery to a horse or motorcycle, on or off road, providing you choose the right trailer set up for your needs.  Plenty of companies in the UK offer trailer hire services, so if you are in the market for a semi trailer to hire, you should have no trouble getting hold of one.

What is Semi Trailer Hire?

A semi trailer is a type of trailer without a front axle.  It is also sometimes called a “semi” or a tractor trailer.  If you need a semi trailer for personal or commercial use to transport equipment or other items, you may want to consider hiring one.  There are plenty of options available for hiring this sort of equipment, with some firms offering long term hire over a period of months or even years, as well as daily hire for shorter projects or vacations.

Where Can I Find a Semi Trailer Hire Company?

Many trailer hire companies operate only in their local area, due to the logistics around getting the trailers to and from their customers.  Using a local business can work out cheaper and more convenient because of this - they will be able to charge less for delivery and collection of the trailer you need.  If you ask around, you may find that somebody you know has already engaged a local firm and might be able to recommend them to you.  Otherwise, some companies serving a large area or the whole of the UK include:

  • Erento
  • Xtralease
  • Tukem
  • Zibb
  • Atkinson Trailer Hire
  • Cool Market
  • Soriberica
  • Bell Trailers (Northern England only)
  • National Semi
  • Trailer Fleet

All of these companies have websites that give a breakdown of their pricing, and many offer hire of other sorts of trailers and lifting or hauling equipment too.  If you find a local or national company you think you are likely to need to hire from frequently, it is always worth asking about any special discounts offered for regular custom - you may be able to get a better price on your future equipment hire needs.

Estimated Costs of Semi Trailer Hire

The costs will vary dramatically depending on how large a trailer you need and how long you need it for.  Many companies offer different rates whether the trailer is leased out to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  If you only need the trailer for a few days, you will find the price for one day will be high, because this includes the delivery and collection costs, and then you can add on subsequent days at a much lower rate, meaning that the cost of having the trailer for a week could be about double the cost of having it for one day only.  Longer term rentals are cheaper still.

Hiring a semi trailer as and when you need one can be the best solution for a lot of people with temporary or infrequent transportation needs.  There are plenty of companies both locally and nationally who can deliver and collect a semi trailer at your convenience, so it is worth shopping around for a good rental deal.


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