One Way Trailer Hire

People often need to hire trailers to move large or special items around by towing them with their car or van.  Trailers for general items come in all different sizes, and you can also get trailers designed especially to accommodate things like motorcycles and horses, as well as trailers that are refrigerated for transporting perishable produce.  In many cases, people only need the use of a trailer temporarily or infrequently, to help them transport things when they move or go on holiday, and in these cases trailer hire is usually a better option than buying a trailer outright.

What is One Way Trailer Hire?

One way trailer hire is where you hire your trailer to take something somewhere, but not to bring it back, meaning the hire company has to collect the trailer from wherever you are going to.  People often need this kind of trailer hire when they are moving house, and many people choose it as an option if they are moving from the UK into Europe.  Not all trailer hire companies offer one way rental outside of the UK, so if you need a service that will pick up elsewhere in Europe be prepared to shop around.

Where Can I Find a One Way Trailer Hire Company?

Trailer hire companies exist all over the UK, some serving customers nationwide, others staying within their local areas.  If you can find, perhaps via a recommendation from a friend or work colleague, a good trailer hire company local to you, this can often be the cheapest and best solution, because the cost of delivering and collecting the trailer before and after your rental period will be less if you live near their depot - meaning they can charge you less overall.  Some companies that offer one way trailer hire nationwide or who serve a large region of the UK include:

  • Atkinson Trailer Hire
  • Trailer Rentals
  • Trail-o-Way
  • Indespension
  • Move Yourself

These companies offer one way trailer hire arrangements either within the UK or into Europe in some cases - an alternative if you want your one way trip to be into a European country is too look at local companies in the area you are going to and see if they will deliver a trailer to your starting point instead.

Estimated Costs of One Way Trailer Hire

The cost of one way trailer hire will vary depending on the size and type of trailer you need, how long you want to hire it for, and how far away the company will need to collect their trailer from once you are finished with it. vOnce you have established exactly what you need, approach some local, national (or, if you need to) European trailer hire companies for quotes - they will tailor what they charge to the specifics of the trip you want the trailer for.  It is impossible to give generic guideline costs for this type of trailer hire, so you will need to compare some quotations.

One way trailer hire can be an excellent solution if you are relocating and want to drive your belongings to their new home yourself, or if you are delivering products to a location far away.  Many companies offer flexible one way trailer hire deals, so compare quotes to find out the best deal for you.  If you regularly transport goods over a long distance, arranging a regular deal with a trailer hire company may save your business money.


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