Off Road Trailer Hire

When you need to transport something big that you can’t fit in your car or van, or you need to be able to securely fit what you are carrying in place, you need a trailer to fit to the back of your vehicle.  If this isn’t something you do regularly, or you have nowhere to store a big trailer when not in use, one of the best options is often to hire a trailer from a specialist company who will deliver and collect it for you and work out a price based only on the time you actually need use of their trailer.

What is Off Road Trailer Hire?

Off road trailers can allow you to transport things behind an off road vehicle like a 4X4.  Like the vehicles you take off road, these trailers have wheels and suspension designed to cope with rough terrain without getting stuck or damaged.  They are often used for camping, or for agricultural purposes. 

Where Can I Find an Off Road Trailer Hire Company?

Most areas have local trailer hire companies who will supply off road trailers, and a local company can often be cheaper or more convenient because of the reduced time and cost associated with delivering and collecting your trailer.  It makes sense to ask around, and see if anybody you know has found a reliable trailer hire firm near you.  There are some nationwide companies that offer these services too, and these include:

  • Wilstow
  • Off Road Trailer Hire
  • Macks 4 x 4
  • Artcom
  • Blendworth Trailers
  • Southern Trailers (South of England only)

Most trailer hire companies will have a website that can help you work out the costs associated with your own hiring requirements, and it is generally worth comparing a few different companies to try and get the best deal.  If you are likely to need to hire trailers regularly, it can be a good idea once you have found a supplier you like, to try and negotiate a discount as a regular customer.

Estimated Costs of Off Road Trailer Hire

The cost of hiring a trailer will depend on the size and for how long you want it.  Typically it costs more to hire for one day than for any subsequent days, because that cost factors in the cost of delivering and collecting the trailer.  This means you may pay around £100 for one day, but only £40 for each following day on that rental period.  If you have a lot of work to do that you need the trailer for, it is better to hire the trailer for a week than to get it for the odd day here and there.

Off road trailers can be very useful to have for all sorts of gardening, camping and agricultural purposes.  Trailer hire is a convenient and affordable way to get yourself the use of an off road trailer when you need it.  Talk to local and national trailer hire companies to find a deal to suit your needs.


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