Motorcycle Trailer Hire

If your bike needs a service or if you are heading to a new area and need to ship, rather than ride your bike you will need the services of a motorcycle trailer.  Sturdy and strong and designed to protect your bike as it is transported, the convenience and ease of motorcycle trailer hire is a secure and reasonably priced alternative to a paid pick-up service.

What is Motor Cycle Trailer Hire?

Anyone who has pushed or pulled a motorcycle understands that unlike an ordinary bicycle the sheer weight of the motorcycle makes it impossible to attach to the back of a vehicle.  It requires a trailer that may be equipped with a ramp that balances the weight of the bike and enables a car to safely pull the weight without causing damage to the towing vehicle.  A variety of designs of trailers are available that enable all types of bikes to be towed over many types of terrain.  Some varieties of trailers enable multiple bikes to be transferred together.

There are three major types of motorcycle trailers:

  • Flatbed trailer
  • Two Wheel Motor Cycle Trailers
  • Towing Cradle

Flat bed trailers offer versatile towing.  Two wheel trailers offer easier storage and off road towing and a towing cradle are perfect for smaller bikes being towed short differences.  By discussing their towing needs with a bike hire company, bike owners can usually find help in selecting the appropriate trailer for their type of bike and the purpose it is being towed.

Where Can I Find a Motorcycle Hire Company?

Many motor bike enthusiasts belong to a club or know others who share their love of riding.  Often these networks will provide excellent advice and information on suitable companies to rent a motor cycle trailer from.  A local retailer may also be able to provide information about the closest hire company.

A number of companies in the UK offer bike trailer hire and these include:

  • Lovell Trailers in Berkshire; although this family business provides local hiring facilities, it is able to connect people throughout the nation with other companies through its networking facilities.
  • Southern Trailers service the Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and close by regions with a full range of trailers including tandem trailers for multiple bike carriage.
  • Bike Trailer Hire UK services the Western Midlands area.

Estimated Costs of Motorcycle Trailer Hire

The cost of hiring a motorcycle trailer is dependent on the length of time you hire the trailer and the type of trailer you require.  Daily hire costs average around £30, but this is reduced when the trailer is hired for two or more days.  Extended hiring periods reduce the charge significantly.  A refundable deposit may also be required at the time of hiring.  Charges include VAT.

Most hire companies will not only offer advice on the best trailer to meet customer requirements but will also offer suggestions and instruction on how to safely mount the bike on the trailer and position it for safe transportation on the trailer.


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