Luggage Trailer Hire

There are many different types of trailers available for hire.  There is car transporter trailer hire, luggage trailer hire, camping trailer hire, exhibition trailer hire and many other kinds.  The variety of different trailers is unbelievable.  There are trailers for any type of issue, such as livestock trailers, agricultural trailers, toilet block trailers, dog trailers, child trailers, motorcycle trailers, Jet Ski trailers, the list is truly endless.  Hiring a trailer is generally a cheaper alternative than purchasing one, as you will not be responsible for associated costs such as service and maintenance.  This is particularly true since trailers are generally only required for a certain part of the year.

Where Can I Find A Luggage Trailer Hire Company?

There are many companies available that offer luggage trailer hire.  You could choose to spend some time comparing all the different companies, or you could try to find a good recommendation, saving you the work of comparison.  You could be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that may have used luggage trailer hire in the past.  If you have any friends or members of your family, colleagues or neighbours that enjoy travel and camping, they are likely to have used luggage trailer hire in the past.  They should be able to give you some excellent tips on which companies to deal with and which to stay away from if you are looking for luggage trailer hire. 

Some of the better known luggage trailer hire companies are:

  • AB Trailers, servicing Aldershot, Frimley, Farnborough, Camberley, Fleet, Farnham and Sandhurst.  They offer many different kinds of trailer hire, including luggage trailer hire, car trailer hire and bike trailer hire.
  • GT Towing, based in Welham Green, Hertfordshire, these specialise in many different types of trailer hire, including baggage or luggage trailer hire, refrigerated trailer hire, general duty trailer hire, van trailer hire, motorcycle trailer hire and many other kinds of trailer hire.
  • Veloloco, who offer mainly bicycle hire and trailers that can be attached to bicycles, have now also expanded into luggage trailer hire.
  • Trail – O – Way, based in Walton on Thames, these specialise in flexible towing solutions.

Estimated Costs of Luggage Trailer Hire

Luggage trailer hire is generally quite good value for money, as they are smaller trailers for general use.  Also, many companies will offer discounts for longer term hire, meaning your trailer’s day by day cost will be greatly reduced.  As an example, an Erde 122 would cost you around £10 for a day, £35 for a week, £55 for two weeks or £15 for a weekend.

So, if you are looking for luggage trailer hire, there are many companies in the United Kingdom that you could choose from.  Luggage trailer hire is particularly relevant for those who enjoy travelling or camping and need additional space for their luggage.  Generally, luggage trailer hire is quite good value for money, so you should be able to find a luggage trailer hire company that delivers everything that you need and doesn’t break the bank.


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