Horse Trailer Hire

There are times when it becomes necessary for a horse owner to move their horses into a different property.  Whilst most horse owners who enter their animals in horse events will probably own a horse trailer others who own a horse simply as a family pet may have no need to purchase their own trailer.  In these cases, hiring a trailer may be an appropriate alternative.

What is Horse Trailer Hire?

Horse trailers are specially designed box trailers that allow for the safe and careful carriage of a horse or other large animals.  The trailers have features such as ramps that enable the horse to be led into the trailer and some are equipped with air conditioning units and other features to ensure the horse is carried in a manner that reduces its stress at being moved.  Horses are very excitable animals and they tend to react to stressful situations by attempting to escape them.  The choice of trailer should be dictated by the temperament of the animal.  A stressed animal will show physical symptoms which can be upsetting for both the animal and its owner, so careful selection of a suitable trailer is imperative.

When selecting a trailer that will be suitable for your horse, ensure it is light and airy and allows the horse to feel space around it, particularly above his head which he will use to assist his balance during sudden movements.  It should be adequately ventilated to prevent claustrophobia, a condition many horses experience in confined spaces.

Where Can I Find a Horse Trailer Hire Company?

Friends who are horse owners may have trailers they can loan or privately hire to you.  Veterinarians and horse associations are ideal to ask for advice on the best type of trailer to hire to transport your horses.  They may have trailers available to hire or will certainly be able to assist you in locating a suitable company. 

Around the nation hire companies such as i4 Hire have a pickup point in Dorset.  They hire only the i4 Williams horse trailers which are specially designed to provide all the safety and comfort specifications mentioned earlier.  They are available to customers from throughout the UK.  Similar companies include:

  • Manningtree Horsebox Hire and Manningtree Horse Transport conveniently located in London, Dorset, Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia.
  • Wilcox Trailers located in Halkyn near Holywell provide horse trailers for rental in Wales.
  • Equilogical Horse Trailer Hire located in North Yorkshire provides hire service for people in the Yorkshire area.

Estimated Costs of Horse Trailer Hire

The cost of hiring a horse trailer depends on the specifications of the trailer and the length of time the trailer is hired for.  Daily rates are approximately £40 per day, including VAT and this price may include towing insurance.  Seasonal hire rates are approximately £400 to £500 for a full 3 month summer or winter extended hire.  Weekly and monthly rates are also available with most companies.

Discussing the purpose of hiring a trailer with a horse trailer hire service will help you select the best horse trailer for your needs and one that ensures a safe and relatively stress free experience for your horse.


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