Heavy Duty Trailer Hire

There are many different types of trailer hire, such as event trailer hire, car transporter hire, exhibition trailer hire, dog trailer hire, heavy duty trailer hire, toilet block trailer hire and many, many more.  There are many different sizes of heavy duty trailers available, but generally heavy duty trailers are those that are able to carry very heavy loads.  Car transporters, ejector trailers and catering trailers are just a few heave duty trailers.  Generally, trailer hire is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a trailer.  This is because a trailer is generally only needed for a specific part of a year.  Furthermore, by hiring a trailer, you will not be responsible for the many additional costs such as maintenance, MOTs, servicing and tyres.

Where Can I Find A Heavy Duty Trailer Hire Company?

There are a lot of companies all across the United Kingdom that offer heavy duty trailers.  There are so many, in fact, that you could spend a considerable amount of time comparing them all to find the best one.  Hence, you could save yourself a lot of time if you were able to follow a trusted recommendation.  Many people have used heavy duty trailer hire services in the past, or know of someone who has.  Hence, you may want to speak to some friends or members of your family, members of the community or colleagues, or even local business owners and farmers, to name but a few.

Some companies you may want to consider are:

  • Southern Trailers, based in Four Marks, near Alton in Hampshire, who offer many different types of heavy duty trailer hire, including car transporter trailer hire, van trailer hire, flatbed trailer hire, goods trailer hire, horsebox trailer hire, plant trailer hire, camping trailer hire and motorcycle trailer hire.
  • Car Courier Wales, specialising in Ifor Williams trailers, Brain James trailers and Brenderup trailers, available for hire across Wales.
  • Cannon Mobile Catering, specialising in heavy duty catering heavy duty trailer hire.

Estimated Costs of Heavy Duty Trailer Hire

Prices and costs of heavy duty trailer hire will vary greatly depending on the size of the trailer you are looking for.  Furthermore, depending on your location and that of the company that you are using for your heavy duty trailer hire will also make the cost vary, as you are likely to incur a delivery and pick up charge, unless you are able to pick your trailer up yourself.  Most companies offer discounted rates for long term heavy duty trailer hire.  As an example, a large car transporter such as a 16ft by 6ft trailer that can carry 3500 kilograms, should cost you around £30 for a day or £100 for a full week.  Remember as well that most companies will require you to pay a deposit, which will naturally be fully refundable on safe return of your trailer.

So, if you are looking for heavy duty trailer hire, you are sure to find a company in the United Kingdom that can meet all your needs and requirements and will be affordable as well.


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