Freezer Trailer Hire

If you need to transport goods or other items using your car or van, but the items are too big or require special conditions, towing a trailer can be an easy solution.  Whether you need to move all your personal belongings to a new home, shirt a horse or motorcycle, or deliver some frozen produce to a customer, trailers designed to carry specific types of things are available to buy or hire all over the UK.  Trailer hire can be the best solution in a lot of cases, if you only need a trailer temporarily or infrequently.

What is Freezer Trailer Hire?

If you need to transport things that are, or need to be frozen, you can hire a freezer trailer to do this.  Freezer trailers will keep your items frozen throughout transportation, as opposed to refrigerated trailers which will keep them chilled.  If you are delivering frozen food items to a customer or taking them to a market, you may need a freezer trailer as opposed to a refrigerated one to ensure nothing thaws.

Where Can I Find a Freezer Trailer Hire Company?

There are many companies that can offer freezer trailer hire around the UK.  If you need the trailer hire for your business, why not talk to some of your contacts and see if they have used any good trailer hire companies they can recommend to you?  Often it is better to use a locally based trailer hire company as the cost of delivering and collecting the trailer will be less.  Some companies also offer one way trailer hire, so if you want to drive your freezer trailer to deliver your goods but don’t necessarily want to take it back with you afterwards this can be a good option to investigate.  Companies offering nationwide freezer trailer hire include:

  • Ice Cool Trailers
  • Just Cool It
  • Cold Traila
  • Polymek
  • Chillability
  • Team Refrigeration
  • U-COOL

These companies all have websites through which you can contact them to obtain a quote for the trailer hire you have in mind.

Estimated Costs of Freezer Trailer Hire

How much it costs to hire a freezer trailer will depend a lot on the size of the trailer, how long you need it (and how long you need it powered up for) and whether you want to hire it one way or not.  Trailer hire costs are usually highest on the first day, as hire for one day includes the cost of delivering and collecting the trailer - subsequent days will be offered at a lower rate.  You may also be able to arrange long term hire of a freezer trailer if you need it for your business and would like to keep it for months or even years.

Freezer trailer hire can be the best way to enable you to transport frozen goods easily simply by towing with your van or car.  Hiring a freezer trailer is easy, and there are plenty of companies who can help you.  Contact some freezer trailer hire firms with your specific requirements and compare a few quotes to get the best deal.


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