Flat Bed Trailer Hire

Flat Bed Trailers are flat based trailers that are sturdy and corrosion resistant.  Designed with specifications for easy manoeuvrability despite their length, trailers in this range are used by construction, transport, councils and other similar industries requiring trailers suitable for carrying long heavy loads often and for easy transport of bikes and other small vehicles.  Hiring a flat bed trailer enables the business to focus on its own infrastructure needs and utilise the services of a trailer hire company when a customer or a job requires the specialised functions of a flat bed trailer.

What is a Flat Bed Trailer?

Forestry workers and others who work in industrial settings often require the use of flat bed trailers to carry their loads flat and in whole pieces.  Conventional trailers may allow the haulage of small loads, but for many loads, the requirement for haulage secured on a flat base such as mowers, tractors and other plant equipment makes the flat based trailer ideal.  Wheels located under the body provide stability and turntable hitches and tri-axles add to the stability for heavy haulage. 

A range of features can be added to develop a trailer suited for individual customer’s requirements.  Some trailers have detachable sides that allow safer haulage for smaller loads. These sides can be attached during travel and removed when loading and unloading the contents.  Most come equipped with a winch and ramp to assist with the loading and unloading of loads not requiring placement by a crane or other heavy machinery.  Other accessories are conveniently stored under the body and include ladders and hitch locks.

Individuals may find a smaller flat bed trailer useful for transporting cars and small vehicles in preference to using a towing company.  Hire companies can provide locking devices that secure the load on the truck for safe transport.

Where Can I Find a Flat Bed Trailer Hire Company?

Some industry haulage providers may be able to recommend the company they use to hire trailers and industry specialists may know of companies recommended by other service providers that use them to haul their loads.  Some of the popular flat bed trailer hire companies are below:

  • Indispension is a national company supplying flatbed trailers to locations from their offices located nationally. 
  • Flat Bed Trailer Hire in Sussex provides services to Southern England and for those who live in London and Buckinghamshire.
  • DSP Trailer Hire offers a complete range of flat bed trailers for hire.
  • Nationwide Hire UK also have flat bed trailers for hire and as their name suggests, their rentals are available to customers throughout the UK.

Estimated Costs of Flat Bed Hire Companies

Small trailers have average hire costs that range from a fixed daily rate of £30 per day to a cheaper extended hire rate of £200 for a two week hire.  Larger trailers for hauling heavy loads can be £100 or more per day.  Prices vary depending on the size and accessories required at time of hiring.

Whether a trailer is required for small personal car or bike removals or larger heavy industrial haulage jobs the convenience of the flat bed trailer make them versatile and useful for a wide range of jobs.


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