Event Trailer Hire

There are many different types of trailers that are specifically suited for events and promotions.  Some of these are specific for exhibitions and can be as big as a house, including several rooms and even a kitchen.  Others are much smaller but can still accommodate a display and any other equipment you may require in order to promote your product or service.  Other event trailers are toilet block trailers, some are even VIP toilets that are carpeted and include vanity units and mood lighting.  Of course, there are also catering trailers, which conform to health and safety standards and allow you to prepare any kind of food.  For those attending events, there are camping trailers and luggage trailers, to name but a few.

Where Can I Find An Event Trailer Hire Company?

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer event trailer services.  You could spend a considerable amount of time comparing all the different companies, or you could try to find a trusted recommendation.  With regards to event trailer hire, you may want to speak to market stall holders at your local market, as they are likely to have used or to be using event trailer hire services.  It is always a good idea to speak to people you know as well, such as friends, colleagues, and members of your community.  They may have used event trailer hire services in the past or know of someone who did, meaning they could give you some great tips on which companies are the best.

Some of the event trailer hire companies you may want to take into consideration are:

  • Freeway Trailers, based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, this company specialises in all sorts of event trailer hire services, including demonstration trailers or movie crew trailers.
  • DWT Exhibitions focus on all elements of events management, including event trailer hire.  They offer services for exhibition trailers, roadshows, sampling units and much, much more.
  • TCM Trailers, who specialise in show ground and events promotions and offer both marquee hire and event trailer hire.

Estimated Costs of Event Trailer Hire

The costs of event trailer hire will vary depending on the type of trailer you are looking to hire.  Also, many companies are very happy to deliver your trailer anywhere in the United Kingdom, but you may incur charges for pick up and delivery.  Some companies also offer you assistance with setting up your event, at a cost of course.

Many companies will offer discounted rates for longer term hire, meaning that the day to day cost of your event trailer hire agreement will be much lower.  As an example, a 4 meter exhibition trailer should cost you around £280 plus VAT for self drive or £430 plus VAT including delivery and collection.  These prices are for a day’s hire.  For a full week, the prices would become around £490 or £890 respectively.

So, if you are looking to organise a large scale or even small event, event trailer hire could be just the thing you need to ensure everything runs smoothly, and there is space for displays, bathrooms and food and refreshments.  Event trailer hire is available for any kind of trailer that may be useful for an event, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.


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