Domestic Trailer Hire

There are so many different types of trailers to pick from!  There are livestock trailers used to transport horses (smaller ones are called horse boxes), cows and pigs.  There are car transporters, used to transport anything from a single car to multiple cars, for example brand new ones or accident damaged ones.  There are motorcycle trailers, single and multiple, boat trailers, Jet Ski and dinghy trailers, camping trailers, general purpose trailers, refrigerated trailers, toilet block trailers, soft play centre trailers, and many, many more different kinds.

Where Can I Find A Domestic Trailer Hire Company?

Domestic trailers are smaller trailers that generally weigh between 750 and 1000 kilograms, meaning you do not need a special driving licence in order to tow them.  Domestic trailer hire companies exist all across the United Kingdom and it should not be difficult to find one.  However, instead of spending a lot of time comparing the different companies, you could try speaking to people who may have used domestic trailer hire companies in the past.  Domestic trailer hire is quite common, so you could speak to colleagues, friends or members of your family for example.  Or you could speak to local business or farmers, for example, who may be able to give you some great tips on where to go for the best deals.

Some of the companies you could consider if you are looking for domestic trailer hire are:

  • Leicester Trailers – based in Leicester, this company specialises in all kinds of trailers, including domestic trailer hire.  They offer a small, medium and large domestic trailer.
  • Solent Towbars – this company is based in Hampshire and specialises in domestic trailer hire.  They offer a 5x3 wooden trailer that has a cover included, a single motorcycle trailer (although no straps to secure the motorcycle are included) and a 5x4 metal trailer that has high mesh sides.
  • Poulter Trailer Hire – based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, this company only deals in trailers that are of top quality, such as Brian James and Ifor Williams.
  • Campbell Plant Hire Ltd – based in Fort William, this company offers both domestic trailer hire and other trailers, as well as parts.

Estimated Costs of Domestic Trailer Hire

Domestic trailer hire should not be expensive.  Most companies offer discounted rates for long term hire, meaning that your daily cost becomes lower the longer you rent the trailer.  For example, a small domestic trailer may cost you around £15 for a day or £60 for a full week.  Most companies will also offer special weekend hire rates, which should be around £25 for a small domestic trailer hire agreement. 

Bear in mind that many companies will require a deposit, which can range from £100 to £200.  The deposit is of course fully refundable upon return of your trailer.

So, if you are looking for domestic trailer hire, you can be sure to find a company that suits your requirements and budget regardless of where in the United Kingdom you are based.  Remember that in order to find the best domestic trailer hire company, following some trusted recommendations can be a great idea.


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