Dog Trailer Hire

Trailer hire is very popular amongst people who are interested in horses and horse riding events, such as hunts, to name but a few.  These people will require trailers to transport their horses, generally livestock trailers or horse boxes, which will need to be very safe and comfortable for the horse.  They may need domestic trailers to store equipment such as horse riding equipment, lunch, seating areas etc.  And they will need dog trailers to transport the dogs that are vital for a successful hunt.  These also need to be of great comfort, as well as offering safety of course.  Often, dog trailers can be attached to the back of a bicycle, making them particularly suitable for camping holidays.

Where Can I Find A Dog Trailer Hire Company?

Finding a dog trailer hire company should not be too difficult, as there are plenty of companies to choose from across the United Kingdom.  If you are looking at hiring a dog trailer, you may find it very useful to speak to someone who has used a dog trailer hire company in the past.  There is no better advertisement than word of mouth, meaning a trusted recommendation could really point you in the right direction of the best companies, as well as away from the bad ones of course.  Why not speak to some local farmers or business owners, or even members of your family, friends and colleagues, for example?

Some of the companies in the United Kingdom that offer dog trailer hire are:

  • Mapes of Millport.  This family run business based on the Island of Cumbrae specialises in bicycle and accessories hire, including dog trailer hire. 
  • TransK9 is based in Castle Douglas, Scotland, and specialises in kennels, more suitable for larger groups of dogs.
  • The Forest of Marston Vale also offers dog trailer hire together with its bicycle hire services, for those who wish to visit the Forest of Marston Vale. 
  • New Forest Cycle Hire, based in New Forest, is a similar company that specialises in providing visitors to New Forest with the opportunity to travel by bicycle whilst bringing their dogs. 

Estimated Costs of Dog Trailer Hire

Dog trailer hire is generally very cheap.  More often than not, when hiring a dog trailer, it will come inclusive of the bicycle and prices can be offered by the hour.  A bicycle with dog carrier should cost you around £4.60 per hour.  However, many companies offer discounted rates for slightly longer term hire, and a bicycle with dog carrier should cost you no more than £13 for a full day’s hire.

As you can see, there are generally different types of dog trailer hire companies available.  Most companies, however, specialise in dog trailers that can be attached to your bicycle, allowing you to enjoy the scenery of a specific locations whilst bringing your dog with you.  Some people are comfortable with allowing their dog to run alongside their bicycle, but this could potentially restrict how far you could go, as a dog is likely to get tired of course.  Prices are very reasonable, so you are sure to find a dog trailer hire company without having to break the bank.


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