Catering Trailer Hire

Many people are seeking an alternative income and one option for making some extra income or enjoying the freedom of self employment is to develop a catering business that services carnivals, fairs, sporting and other outdoor events.  Other people require extra facilities when hosting family gatherings or other large group events.  Whatever the reason for hiring a catering trailer, they provide a convenient option for hygienic food preparation

What is Catering Trailer Hire?

A Catering trailer is a trailer that is equipped with a range of equipment that can be installed according to need.  Coffee machines, cold drink dispensers, hot and cold food preparation and storage facilities are popular inclusions in most trailers.  Discussion of needs with a hire company will usually provide an affordable option that is suited your particular requirements.

Hiring a catering trailer is an ideal way to test the ground and ensure that the venture will return a profit before investing and purchasing equipment that is expensive and may not be successful.  Costs of hiring a catering trailer for business purposes are one hundred percent tax deductible, making this an affordable and attractive option for small businesses.

Where Can I Find a Catering Trailer Hire Company?

Catering and Trade Centres are often a good place to find information on where to hire a catering trailer.  If your need is for extra cooking facilities for a special family event, other family members may be able to help you with ideas from similar events they have attended.  Other vendors may be able to assist with ideas of potential catering hire companies who also provide trailer hire services.  Some possible hire companies include:

  • Catering Trailer Hire Hull is located in Kingston upon Hull and is a company that supplies catering trailers to vendors and private functions throughout the country.
  • Village Fetes is located in West Yorkshire and specialise in trailers suitable for fetes and other community outdoor events that can be hired by community groups and not for profit organisations as part of their annual fund raising efforts. 
  • A similar service is provided by Wheeliebox Ltd who provides trailers to a range of agents throughout the country and are widely available.

Estimated Costs of Catering Trailer Hire 

Many hiring companies require a fairly large deposit of approximately £800 pounds at the time of hiring.  Contracts are negotiable and prices are based on the length of contract.  Most hiring companies prefer to be contacted for individual pricing and quotes.  Prices for catering trailers are fixed for the terms of the contract.  Despite inflation costs, a contract for a fixed rental amount provides small business owners with a fixed expenditure in their annual budget.  Hiring a trailer also ensures that the trailers you use are new and in excellent working condition without the regular cost incurred of maintaining equipment in purchased trailers.

Most trailers are designed to provide ease of transport and operation even when operated by one person.  Hiring a catering trailer is an excellent alternative to purchasing a trailer.  They provide an excellent opportunity to groups and individuals to earn extra income or to generate fund raising pounds or community exposure.


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