Car Trailer Hire

Moving house or buying furniture and bringing it home are two jobs made easy by the use of a car trailer.  With the rising cost of living and the need to be budget conscious, car trailer hire is becoming a popular do it yourself alternative to paying someone else to do these jobs.

What is Car Trailer Hire?

Hiring a car trailer is a simple and cost effective way of moving just about anything between locations cheaply and efficiently.  With many different styles of trailers available, finding a trailer in the size and shape you need is usually not difficult.  Trailers are not limited to only transporting things.  Many hire companies provide trailers suitable for travel and movement of animals such as dogs and horses.  Trailers are available that are flat, enclosed and sometimes refrigerated or air conditioned.  Choice is limited only by the trailer specifications you require and by their availability at the hire companies you contact.

Where Can I Find a Car Trailer Hire Company?

Family and friends are often a good source of information for the location of a company that stocks and rents the type of trailer you require.  If you belong to a horse club for example, other members can almost certainly direct you to a reputable hire company to provide a horse trailer to transport your horse.  If you are seeking to move house, friends are likely to be able to recommend a company that they or their family members have successfully used.

If you are using a rental company for the first time and have no recommendations for any suitable companies you may like to consider some of the companies below:

  • Indespension is a major car hire chain that has numerous stores across the United Kingdom and a large range of car trailers to suit any requirement. 

Other companies such as:

  • Nuneaton and Birmingham Trailer Hire
  • Leicester Trailers
  • Coventry Trailer Hire

provide trailers for hire to their local areas.  Most companies can be accessed by phone or by visiting the company business office.  A reputable car trailer hire company can not only ensure you select the correct trailer to suit your needs, but can also help you select the auxiliary equipment you may require to complete your job safely and legally.

Estimated Costs of Car Trailer Hire

Hiring costs vary according to the type of trailer selected.  The total cost of hiring a car trailer will also depend on the length of the hiring period and whether or not other equipment is required.  (For example tie down ropes for carrying loads that maybe deemed dangerous or illegal without the ropes in place).  Customers can expect to pay an average of £60 per day for most trailer types.  Hiring costs usually include a quote for auxiliary requirements.  A refundable deposit is also usually required in addition to the daily hire charge.

Anyone who meets the legal requirements that allows them to tow a trailer will discover that car trailer hire is an excellent alternative to the cost of buying a trailer and provides an excellent alternative to hiring an often more expensive removal company.


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