Camping Trailer Hire

A camping holiday held in a camper trailer is a holiday that provides a slightly more luxurious approach to camping.  Beautifully equipped camper trailers enable ease of travel and many conveniences that towing a caravan or erecting a tent at the end of a long day of travel doesn’t provide.

What is Camping Trailer Hire?

With the cost of living so high, many people are choosing local rather than overseas travel for their annual holidays.  Camper trailers are becoming an increasingly popular as a budget priced accommodation option as people appreciate the ease of towing and the convenience of a real bed and shelter that is simple to erect each day.  Camper trailers come in a range of styles and sizes, suitable for all family sizes.  Compact and light weight, they are designed to provide the maximum number of facilities to the traveller.  Easily hitched to a car they are designed to reduce drag and to conserve fuel usage.

There are options available for on road and off road campers depending on the type of terrain customers intend to travel during the course of their holidays.  Each camper trailer is equipped with beds and a kitchen area.  Other models include storage and sitting areas.  Camping trailers are also available with hinges and roller doors that are perfect for carrying bags and tents for those preferring the convenience of extra luggage carrying capacity whilst preferring to use hotels, motels or other forms of accommodation.

Where Can I Find a Camping Trailer Hire Company?

It is probable that friends or relatives may be able to recommend a company that has provided excellent service.  Most caravanning organisations can provide information about suitable hiring companies too.  In the UK, local companies providing the hire of camper trailers include:

  • UK Towbar and Trailer Centre located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire
  • Camperlands hire based in greater Manchester
  • Barlow’s Trailers in Lancashire

Estimated Costs of Camping Trailer Hire

Prices vary according to the size of the trailer and the facilities that they provide, but hiring can be weekly or monthly with discounts provided for longer hiring periods.  A deposit is usually required at the time of booking.  The average price for hiring a campervan is £20 per day. Weekly hire costs may be as little as £50 per week.  Cheaper costs exist for longer hire periods.

This is a very affordable price for the budget conscious family seeking to have a family holiday at a price that combines convenience, comfort and the fun of camping in one package.  Prices quoted by most companies include VAT and often include towing insurance although they are unlikely to include European insurance cover which will be required should you choose to take your hire into mainland Europe.

For a holiday that is stress free and provides a variety of conveniences according to customer preferences, a camper trailer is the ideal way to explore the country.  For many people, using a camper trailer is the only way to do long distance travel.  For others, a camper trailer provides temporary accommodation when visiting family and friends.


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