Cable Trailer Hire

People often need to hire trailers to enable them to transport things easily that are too big to fit in their car or van.  Obviously if you don’t make these sorts of trips regularly, it is not necessarily cost effective to buy your own trailer, or you may not have anywhere to store a trailer when not in use, so hiring is often the cheapest or most convenient option.  There are plenty of companies who can offer trailer hire at reasonable prices in the UK.

What is Cable Trailer Hire?

Cable trailers or cable drum trailers are used in the construction industry to carry large cable drums to and around sites.  They are generally fitted with hydraulics to allow you to easily mount and remove your cable drums, and each will accommodate one drum.  As cable drum trailers are generally used by tradesmen in the construction industry, you will find a lot of companies that hire heavy plant type machinery will also have cable trailers you can hire.

Where Can I Find a Cable Trailer Hire Company?

Trailer hire companies are often local businesses, so ask around with your friends and family to see if anybody you know can recommend a good trailer hire service in your local area.  You will find that a lot of these companies will have websites and be able to give you a quote either online or over the phone.  Some companies that offer UK cable trailer hire on a nationwide basis include:

  • Atlas Winch Hire
  • Towing and Trailers
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Rotrex Winches
  • HSS Hire
  • Winch Hire
  • JH Lifting

These companies all serve the whole of the UK, and have a large selection of trailers and other equipment (such as winches and lifting equipment) available to hire.  Any of these companies will be happy to give you a quote and can arrange delivery or collection of your rented trailer.  You may be able to find a firm locally who can deliver more quickly, though, so it is worth checking out who is operating trailer hire companies near to you as well, and comparing their offerings to the big national companies.

Estimated Costs of Cable Trailer Hire

The cost of hiring a cable trailer will generally depend on how long you want it.  Most companies will offer a rate for a single day, and then a lower rate for each following day.  If you want it for a long job, you may be able to negotiate a much better deal if you hire the cable drum trailer for a period of weeks or even months, however a reasonable estimate of the cost would be around £140 for a single day and around £280 for a week - as you can see it is much cheaper to keep the trailer once you’ve got it, because a lot of the cost is associated with the delivery and collection of the trailer unit.  Weekends are often offered at a reduced rate, so if you want a bargain or you don’t need the trailer for professional work, try and get a deal for the weekend - you could be looking at as little as £160 for the full period.

If you need a cable drum trailer for personal or industrial haulage, then the best advice is to shop around local and national companies and find who can offer you the best deal to suit your time and delivery needs.  If you are likely to need to use the equipment regularly, why not discuss the possibility of a regular customer discount with your chosen hire company?


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