Bulk Tipper Trailer Hire

Many people choose to hire a trailer as it is a cheaper alternative to purchasing one.  Not only do you become responsible for costs such as servicing, maintenance, tires, MOTs, etc. but it is also true that most trailers are only used for certain periods of time, meaning they cost money without any purpose when not in use.  There are trailers for any kind of use, from livestock trailers to transport animals such as cows and horses, to refrigerated or freezer trailers; from car transporters to camping trailers; from exhibition trailers to VIP toilet block trailers.  Bulk tipper trailer hire companies also exist, some specialising only in bulk tipper trailers, others specialising in many different types of trailers.

Where Can I Find A Bulk Tipper Trailer Hire Company?

If you are looking for bulk tipper trailer hire companies, it can be a great idea to scope out for some trusted recommendations.  There are many people that have used bulk tipper trailer hire services in the past, or know of someone who has.  Try speaking to some friends, members of your family, colleagues, local business owners, members of your community or even local farmers.  They may be able to give you some great tips on which companies to deal with and which ones to stay away from as well, of course. 

You could also try contacting:

  • Johnny Rutherford Contractors Ltd – based in Hutton, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, this company offers plant hire as well as low lauder haulage, including bulk tipper trailer hire.  This company operates in Northumberland, the Lothians, Scotland and the Scottish Borders.
  • Leeds Commercial Ltd – based in Leeds, Barnsley, Sherburn-In-Elmet, Bardford and Manchester, they offer many different types of vehicles, including bulk tipper trailer hire.
  • AT&T Rentals – based in Newton Abbey, this company offers bulk tipper trailer hire, for SDC and Montracon, holding 58-63 cubic yards and can be provided with covers and grain sock.
  • Payne Borthers Ltd – based in East Anglia, this company specialises in bulk tipper trailer hire, particularly for Wilcox trailers.

Estimated Costs of Bulk Tipper Trailer Hire

The cost of bulk tipper trailer hire will vary greatly from one company to the next.  Some of the factors that you should take into consideration when being told a price is your location, as you may incur a delivery or pick up price and the length of time you require your bulk tipper trailer hire.  Generally, companies will offer discounted rates for longer term hire, meaning it becomes much more cost effective if you require bulk tipper trailer hire for a week or more.  Some companies even specialise in long term hire.

Also, there will be price difference depending on the area of the United Kingdom you are in.  To understand whether the price is fair, you could compare it to other companies in the same area, as all companies should do their best to be competitive in their prices.

As you can see, there are plenty of companies you could choose to use if you are looking for bulk tipper trailer hire, regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom.  Remember that prices will vary depending on a number of factors and that finding a trusted recommendation could help you find the trailer that meets your needs and budget.


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