Box Trailer Hire

Any driver towing a trailer with a load is legally responsible to ensure that the load is transported safely and securely.  Some loads needing to be moved between locations must be contained in whatever vehicle is used to transport them.  This is where a box trailer can come in handy.

What is Box Trailer Hire

Box trailers are trailers designed to carry loads securely within a container that has side walls and sometime a roof.  The walls may be solid and enclosed or they may have a more open design that contains the load yet enables its contents to be seen.  Box trailers can carry small or large loads depending on the size of the trailer and when selecting a trailer it is important to ensure that the weight of the load being carried is sufficient for the trailers carrying capacity.  A larger trailer may be required to carry a heavy load even if the load size is small.

Where Can I Find a Box Trailer Hire Company?

If you require a box trailer you should start your search by asking family and friends if they can recommend a company.   Two of the larger companies include:

  • HSS Hire is a national company with over 200 locations available to hire trailers nationally to customers.
  • Blue Line Trailers though located in a rural environment, is central to most locations in the United Kingdom.

Other well known and established companies include:

  • Trailers and Components LTD in Shropshire, who not only hire trailers they manufacture them, bringing a vast amount of knowledge and experience into their customer service promises.
  • TCM Trailers in Litchfield who are an example of companies that hire large and small trailers and a variety of styles including those with rolling or hinged sides to make loading and unloading the trailers much easier.

Estimated Costs of Box Trailer Hire

Box trailers are available in a range of sizes and made from a large range of materials.  The size and type of trailer hired will determine the cost.  Small trailers may cost as little as £25 a day whilst larger ones may be £100 a day.

Most companies list a daily basic charge which includes VAT and may also charge for delivery and pick up services if the hirer is unable to pick up the trailer themselves.  There is often a slight reduction on the daily rate if a more long term contract is made for the use of the trailer over multiple days or an extended period.  Insurance may be included as part of the initial quote.  It’s essential that anyone towing a load on the back of their car ensures they have adequate insurance to cover the potential for an accident occurring regardless of where they are located.

Whenever a load must be carried and contained, a box trailer is the appropriate choice for hiring if the load could be considered a potential hazard to other road users.  They also offer protection from theft and weather damage and are an appropriate choice of trailer for any job requiring loads to be carried between any two locations.


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