Bike Trailer Hire

The cost of fuel is increasing the number of people choosing to leave their cars at home and travel by bicycle or public transport.  Whilst this is an excellent option for saving money on fuel and other costs related to operating a motor vehicle, it offers some problems when caring for young children or needing to carry shopping or other heavy packages.  Bike trailers may be the perfect solution to this problem.

What is Bike Trailer Hire?

Bike trailers are small carriages that attach to the back of bicycles that may be used to carry children and are the ideal way to transport excess packages and bags.  Children love the look of the trailers and parents can transport their children knowing that unlike the old child seats that attached to the back of the bike and relied on the parent balancing the bike for the child to stay safe, the bike trailers innovative design ensures stability at all times.

Bike trailers provide safe travel for young children from infancy to school level.  Trailers are available that are designed for one child and others are designed to carry more than one child at a time.  They have a weight capacity of approximately 35kg and this large carrying capacity makes them popular with parents.

While the bike trailers are designed to hitch behind a bike, they are designed to double as a pram or stroller and include a handle to enable the carrier to be pushed as well as pulled behind a bike.  This innovation is cost effective and an extremely easy way to transport young children.  Cargo trailers offer open and closed designs that can be used for leisure reasons as well as shopping and other uses. 

Where can I Find a Bike Trailer Hire Company?

Baby supplies shops may be able to offer information and help to locate a bike trailer hire company.  Friends and family members may also be able to offer assistance if they have used a bike previously with their own children.  Shops such as the Cycle Trailer Centre in Nottingham stock trailers for hire as an alternative to simply buying the trailers and offer a reduction on extended hiring charges.  Other hiring outlets include:

  • Bikes and Trailers in Lewes
  • Firth Cycles in Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • Ben Haywood Cycles in Cambridge

Estimated Costs of Bike Trailer Hire

Bike trailers are available for the approximate cost of £70 per week and a deposit is usually required at time of hiring.  Prices may reduce after the initial cost per week and there may be a daily charge that reduces according to the length of hiring period.  Some companies provide an option to buy after a rental period and some companies offer some credit of hire charges if the customer decides to purchase the trailer after the initial hiring period is concluded.

As the cost of living increases, car usage decreases and alternative methods of travel are chosen by people from all backgrounds and cultures.  bike trailers promise to become very popular with parents, young people and sporting enthusiasts amongst others.


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