Advertising Trailer Hire

If you are thinking of organising a large scale event, there are many trailers you may want to consider hiring.  Firstly, there is exhibition or event trailer hire, which are trailers that can range from a single display unit to larger trailers that include rooms and even kitchens.  Then there are catering trailers, which are heavy duty trailers that comply with health and safety requirements and allow you to cook any meal, including hot cooking.  Next, you would need toilet block trailers, which are even available in VIP design, which have carpets, vanity units and mood lighting.  You may also require camping trailers or offer a camping trailer hire service for those visiting your event.  Lastly, you may need advertising trailer hire to advertise your event before it happens as well as during your event to advertise services from sponsors, to name but one example.

Where Can I Find an Advertising Trailer Hire Company?

There are many advertising trailer hire companies available across the United Kingdom.  Some offer a range of different trailers, others specialise in advertising and event trailers only.  In fact, there are so many companies that you could spend a considerable amount of time comparing all the different options.  This is why it may be a good idea to find a trusted recommendation, for example by speaking to local business owners or market stall holders.  You could be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that have used an advertising trailer hire service in the past or that may know of someone who has, so also speak to friends or members of your family, neighbours and colleagues.

Some of the companies you may want to consider are:

  • Atlas Trailers, covering the Hampshire area, offer advertising trailer hire, including bill board trailers accommodating posters.
  • Marco Trailers, based in Newhaven, East Sussex, offer an array of event trailers, including advertising trailer hire.
  • Giant Advertising, who specialise in proven outdoor advertising and offer many outdoor advertising options, including advertising trailer hire.
  • Armitages Trailer and Tow bar Specialists, based in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire, offer many different types of advertising trailer hire services and have an impressive customer database.
  • Tow Master, who offer an array of different trailers for hire, including box van trailer hire, exhibition trailer hire, catering trailer hire, advertising trailer hire and bespoke trailer hire.

Estimated Costs of Advertising Trailer Hire

Prices of advertising trailer hire will vary greatly depending on the size of the trailer you require.  Furthermore, many companies will charge you for pick up and delivery.  Depending on your location, this can be quite costly so you may want to make arrangements to pick up and drop off your trailer yourself.  Also, many companies will require a deposit, which is of course fully refundable upon return of your trailer in good condition.  Lastly, many companies offer discounted rates for longer term hire, meaning your overall day to day cost could be greatly reduced if you hire your trailer for periods of more than one week.

So, if you are looking for an advertising trailer hire company in the United Kingdom, you are sure to find plenty that meet all your needs and requirements, including your budgetary constraints.


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