Trailer Hire Reading

It can sometimes be surprising what sort of trailers exist in the world today.  Of course, there are car transporters and livestock transporters, some of the more well known trailers.  But then, there are also exhibition trailers (these can range in size from a small trailer/room to almost an entire house, including rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom), toilet block trailers (including VIP toilets), refrigerated trailers, soft play centre trailers, and many, many more.  Reading is no exception to the rule in as such that there is a requirement for all these different types of trailers.

Trailer Hire Reading Companies

There are many trailer hire Reading companies for you to choose from.  Some of the better known companies are listed below:

  • Cascade Events Reading – specialises in event trailer hire in Reading, including marquees and exhibition trailers.
  • Ice Cool Trailers – this trailer hire Reading company specialises in fridge trailers and freezer trailer hire.
  • Acorn Caravan and Trailer Hire – this is a trailer hire Reading company that has a fleet of more than 40 caravans and trailers to suit all your holidaying needs.

Trailer Hire Reading Costs

The cost of trailer hire Reading varies greatly.  This due to:

  • The type of trailer you require.  A specialised catering trailer, for example, that needs to meet specific health and safety regulations, will be more expensive than a general purpose trailer for house moves.  A livestock trailer that can fit 50 cows, for example, will be more expensive than a camping trailer.
  • Your location compared to the location of the trailer.  Many companies will charge you for delivery and pick up, although there are quite a lot of companies that offer you the opportunity to pick up your trailer from their depot.  Some even offer a tow bar fitting service.
  • The length of time you require your trailer for.  Many trailer hire Reading companies specialise in long term hire, meaning the hire price will become cheaper if you need if for a week or more.

It is important to remember that hiring a trailer is generally cheaper than purchasing one outright, as you do not hold any responsibility for servicing and maintenance costs, including MOT for example.  Many trailer hire Reading companies include road side assistance and tire assistance in the price as well.

Finding a Trailer Hire Reading Company

If you are trying to find a trailer hire Reading company, you need not look far.  You could try contacting some of the companies listed above, or do some research of your own.  There are many people who have used trailer hire Reading services in the past, or know of people who have.  Why not speak to some friends or members of your family for example?  Or perhaps you could ask work colleagues, local business owners, farmers or other members of your local community?  It is always a good idea to follow trusted recommendations.

So, finding a trailer hire Reading company shouldn’t be hard to do.  With a little bit of research, you will be sure to find a company that meets all your needs and requirements for a competitive price.


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