Trailer Hire Manchester

Trailer hire is done by many people who are trying to transport large objects such as cars, motorbikes, boats or livestock.  There are also specialised trailers available, such as toilet block trailers and exhibition trailers.  These are used quite regularly in Manchester, where many events and exhibitions take place.  Exhibition trailers can be found in many shapes and sizes, some being as large as an apartment, including separate rooms and a kitchen!

Trailer Hire Manchester Companies

There are many trailer hire Manchester companies around, who can provide a whole range of trailers for short to long term hire.  Some of the companies that are best known for trailer hire Manchester are:

  • Salford Van Hire, based in Manchester and Leeds, have recently added trailers to their fleet of vehicles.  As a company, they have been operating many years and are well known for their quality of service.
  • TIP Trailer Hire is a Manchester based company that specialises in different types of trailer hire Manchester.
  • Elite Trailer Hire and Sales, who do not only specialise in trailer hire Manchester but also sale of trailers.  They have many different types of trailers, including horse trailers, tilt bed trailers, van trailers, cargo trailers, tipper trailers, car transporters and trailers, motorbike trailers, mesh sided goods trailers, plant trailers, exhibition trailers and electric tipper trailers with ramps.
  • Fletchers Trailer, who specialise in both trailer hire Manchester and trailer sales.   They offer plant trailers, builders’ trailers, box trailers, camping trailers, horse boxes and car transporters for hire.

Trailer Hire Manchester Costs

Cost for trailer hire Manchester will vary greatly on a number of factors.  Firstly, the type of trailer you require will obviously determine a large part of the price.  Secondly, your location could be important as the trailer may have to be delivered to you.  However, many trailer hire Manchester companies offer you the possibility to collect and deliver your trailer, meaning you wouldn’t incur a charge for pickup and delivery.  Lastly, the length of time you require your trailer hire Manchester for will also influence the price, as many hire companies will offer discounted rates for longer term hire.

Finding a Trailer Hire Manchester Company

Finding a trailer hire Manchester company isn’t difficult, as there are many different companies that you could compare.  However, it can also be a great idea to follow some trusted recommendations.  Take some time to speak to people who may have used a trailer hire Manchester service in the past and could give you some great hints and tips of where to go, and where to stay away from of course.  You could speak to your neighbours or colleagues, friends or family members or even local businesses.

So, if you are looking for a trailer hire Manchester service, you need not look far.  You will be sure to find a trailer that meets your need and budget constraints, whether you need a trailer to transport twenty horses, a single motorbike or even a power boat!


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