Trailer Hire London

There are many different types of trailers that can be used for a variety of reasons.  Livestock trailers, for example, are used to transport horses and other animals.  Toilet trailers are portable toilets that are used at events across the country.  In London, most trailers you will see will either be exhibition trailers, used at promotional events or for outreach work, or car trailers, used to transport new cars or accident damaged cars, for example.

Trailer Hire London Companies

There are many trailer hire London companies for you to look at, offering a variety of different trailers.  Some of the best known companies are:

  • Bishop Motors, specialising in car, van and trailer hire London.  It is based in Forest Hill, in the South East of London and supplies trailer hire all over London.  They can also supply and attach tow bars, should your vehicle not be equipped with one.
  • DS&P Services Trailer Hire, based just outside Hemel Hampstead.  They supply trailers for general purpose, car transporters and bike trailer hire London.
  • Winner Trailers, based in Surrey and in Sussex.  These regularly have new trailers in stock, so all your needs can be met.  Their latest model is the 17’ Pro Sporter, which has a hydraulic tilt bed by electric winch.
  • Kent Plant Hire, which specialises in all forms of plant hire, including trailer hire London.  They specialise in Transit Tipper trailers, but offer a whole host of other trailers as well.
  • Indespension, who claim to be the United Kingdom’s number one in flatbed trailer hire.  They also offer box trailers, car trailers and motorbike trailers.

Trailer Hire London Costs

The cost of trailer hire London will vary depending mainly on the type of trailer you require and how long you require it for.  Generally, trailer hire London companies will offer you better deals for longer hire terms.  Prices start with some companies from just £25 per day, making them very affordable.

Finding a Trailer Hire London Company

Finding a trailer hire London company is quite easy, since there are so many to choose from.  However, this can actually make it more difficult, as it may mean you could spend a lot of time comparing the different trailers, rates and hire packages from each company.  If you speak to somebody who has used a trailer hire London company in the past, you could trust in a good recommendation, saving you the leg work of having to do all the comparison work.  You would be surprised at the amount of people that have hired a trailer in the past.  Speak to family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues, for example, or even local business owners.

So, if you are looking for trailer hire London, you need not look far.  There is an array of companies for your to choose from, so you can be sure to find the trailer you require, be it a flatbed, a multi-bike trailer, an exhibition trailer or any other kind, at a price you that fits your budget.



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