Trailertek Trailer Hire

There may be a need for you to haul something, somewhere.  This could be due to moving, going on holiday, or even taking your horse to a show.  Or maybe you are a professional or commercial vendor who needs a temporary means to move equipment or supplies.  You don't need a truck, rather a trailer is all that's required.  If this is a frequent occurrence you would naturally purchase one.  However for many of us we only need the trailer for a short period of time so hiring one is the most practical.  Trailertek are one such company.

Who are Trailertek Trailer Hire?

Trailertek Trailer Hire is part of the full trailer service line offered by Trailertek.  Trailertek can meet all your trailer needs.  If your requirements are more permanent, they have several models and brands to choose from, both new and used.  These include such well known trailer manufacturers as Brenderup, Wessex Trailers, Bateson Trailers, and Trelgo.  Trailertek Trailer Hire also offers a full line of parts and service to keep your trailer running smoothly.

For short term needs, Trailertek Trailer Hire can provide you with just about any make and model of trailer you may need.  Whether you are hauling brush to the local landfill or towing your motorcycle behind your car when going on holiday, Trailertek Trailer Hire can meet your requirements.  Their service is provided to both consumer and commercial customers.

Trailertek Trailer Hire will also ensure you know how to properly use your trailer.  They provide anti-theft devices, full road lighting, and a spare wheel with all hires.  Ratchet straps are also available to help hold down the load.  You will need to make sure that the trailer and all supplied accessories are in good condition and note on your agreement any discrepancies.  Trailertek will ensure that any noted damaged accessories are replaced.  You will also need to ensure you have the proper insurance and maintain proper and safe load limits.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Trailertek Trailer Hire?

Trailertek Trailer Hire provides a variety of trailers to meet your requirements.  The following is a short list of some of the models available:

  • Single or double motorcycle
  • Meshside
  • Flatbed
  • Camper
  • Boat
  • Car transport
  • Tilt-bed hauler

The cost for a Trailertek trailer hire will depend on the model chosen and the length of hire.  In general, a daily hire will cost you between £19 and £38.  If you need one for a weekend, you can expect to pay £25 or more.  Most Trailertek trailer hires are available for monthly hire as well which start at around £110.

Where are Trailertek Trailer Hire Located?

Trailertek Trailer Hire is conveniently located in Winchester, Hampshire just off the M3.  They service all of the surrounding Hampshire area.

Whether you are bringing your old vehicle to the junk yard, taking the family on a holiday camping trip, or picking up a load of foam from the local nursery you can do so with a Trailertek trailer hire.  When you hire your trailer from Trailertek Trailer Hire, you can be assured of a top quality trailer that will meet your needs.  You can also rest assured that your trailer will function properly and safely.


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