TowMaster Trailer Hire

If you run a business, you may have an opportunity to market your product at a venue.  Transporting your product and marketing material can be a trying experience if you don't have the proper equipment.  If this is a temporary or short term event, you will want to consider hiring a trailer to take your materials to the venue.

Who are TowMaster Trailer Hire?

TowMaster Trailer Hire is a company specialising in the manufacture, sale, and hire of commercial trailers to meet a variety of requirements.  These include catering trailers, exhibition trailers, box trailers, and advertising trailers.  TowMaster Trailer Hire trailers are made of the highest quality materials and assembled by experienced and skilled craftsman.  Thus you can be assured of a trailer that will not only meet your specific requirements but will also last you many years.  Sizes range from 2 metres to 7 metres, and can be customised with your advertising and product information.    

If you are planning on providing food service, a TowMaster Trailer Hire catering trailer can be assembled with the proper components to prepare, display, and sell your product.  This includes:

  • Friers
  • Broilers
  • Griddles
  • Refrigerators
  • Display cases 

If you are exhibiting products, TowMaster Trailer Hire offers a variety of door openings from a simple flip-up style to a 4-door bi-fold model, thus allowing you to showcase your goods and services in a variety of settings and weather conditions.  If all you need is a trailer to hold a large placard to either tow behind a vehicle being driven around an area, or maybe your advertising placard is towed to a location where you set it temporarily before moving to a new location, TowMaster trailer hire has those types too.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with TowMaster?

You will need to contact TowMaster Trailer Hire to obtain a quote for your hire.  This is due to the many options available.  Also your location and length of hire needs to be considered.  TowMaster Trailer Hire's experienced and professional sales staff will work with you to obtain the most appropriate trailer for the best price.  If you are looking for a long term hire arrangement, TowMaster Trailer Hire will also assist you with obtaining lease financing.

Where are TowMaster Trailer Hire Located?

TowMaster trailer hire is located in Martland Park, Wigan just off the M6.  Their trailers are available as self-tow or will be delivered to your site ready to be used.  TowMaster trailer hire can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK and continental Europe.  So no matter where your venue is, a TowMaster trailer can be available.

No matter what the venue, product, or location TowMaster Trailer Hire is ready to help you meet your trailer requirements.  With a variety of options and customisation, TowMaster Trailer Hire will work with you so your products or services are presented professionally; thus you can focus on sales and not worry about how to get your product or service to its location.


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