Stone Trailer Hire

Every one of us could find ourselves in a situation, where there is a need to quickly transport large amounts of luggage or other goods.  This is usually the case when moving furniture, moving into a new house, etc.  Turning to companies offering such services could prove very costly – that is why a lot of people, when faced with a necessity to quickly move their property, start looking for alternative options.  Stone Trailer Hire offers such alternatives; the company has a wide portfolio of trailers to hire, to suit everybody’s needs.

Who are Stone Trailer Hire?

Stone Trailer Hire is a local trailer hire business, operating in Stone and Rudyard (Leek) in Staffordshire.  They are open for business 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays.  Stone Trailer Hire have recently created their new, very competitive trailer hire offer that they want to present to their customers.  This offer includes:

  • Flat bed trailers – equipped in lockable hitches, spare wheels and able to carry up to 2 tonnes
  • General purpose trailers – with slide out ramps and a winch
  • Horse carriage trailers – fitted with aluminium floors
  • Car transporter trailers – versatile trailers able to lift up and transport any type of vehicles
  • Used trailers for sale

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Stone Trailer Hire?

All trailers that Stone Trailer Hire are available from as little as £40, which gives you the hired trailer for an entire day.  In a case when you need a trailer for longer periods of time, it is possible to receive a discount.  A £200 fully refundable deposit will be required to rent a trailer with Stone Trailer Hire – the deposit will naturally be refunded after the trailer is returned.  Stone Trailer Hire will also require a photo ID (a valid driving licence) in order to process the hire.

It is worth noting that Stone Trailer Hire conduct some of their business on eBay – please check their website for the links to new offers, as there are new and used trailers regularly available for sale.  Please contact Stone Trailer Hire by visiting the business premises in person or by phoning 01889 505 218 at any time, 7 days a week.

Where are Stone Trailer Hire Located?

Stone Trailer Hire are located at Cotwalton Farm, Cotwalton, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8TA.  The company generally operates in Stone and Rudyard (Leek) in Staffordshire, 7 days a week.  For detailed directions please contact the company directly on 01 889 505 218.  Also, there is a map available on the Stone Trailer Hire website where the company’s location is clearly marked.

Stone Trailer Hire offer unbeatable value for money on their local trailer hire market.  The advantage of this company, apart from superb prices and excellent service, is that it lists its full portfolio on its website and also operates on eBay.  If you like a particular trailer you hire, there is always an option to buy it and Stone Trailer Hire offer fantastic discounts to their regular customers.


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