Southern Trailer Hire

People often need to move or transport items from one place to another.  This can be anything from cars and motorbikes to furniture and plants or even animals.  Although cars and trucks can often be utilised in some cases, a more convenient option would be to hire a trailer.  Trailer hire is perfect for people who want ease and convenience whilst also ensuring the safety and protection of the items they choose to transport.  Trailers can be attached to any kind of vehicles including cars, trucks and tractors.  There are many companies who offer trailer hire in the UK, and one of them is Southern Trailer Hire.

Who are Southern Trailer Hire?

Southern Trailer Hire is a company located in Hampshire, Surrey.  The company offers a wide variety of trailers for both sale and hire at very affordable prices.  Some of their trailers for hire include:

  • Car transport trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Van trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Goods trailers
  • Plant trailers
  • Motorbike trailers
  • Camping trailers

Their trailers are available for both long and short term hires and all trailers are fully serviced before each hire period.  As well as hires, Southern Trailer also offers to complete repairs on all types of trailer.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Southern Trailer Hire?

The costs of trailer hire with Southern Trailer Hire vary depending on the type of trailer you hire and the duration of the hire period.  A few examples of the hire costs are below:

  • A car hire trailer costs an average of £30 a day or £100 for a weekly hire.
  • A flat bed trailer costs £30 a day or £100 for a week.
  • A horsebox trailer costs £30 a day, £100 a week, and £200 for two weeks.
  • A motorbike trailer costs £18 a day or £78.50 for a week.
  • A camping trailer costs £10 a day or £40 for one week.

The prices above do not include VAT.  Southern Trailer Hire are also open to contract and long term hires.  If you require a trailer for a longer period than two weeks they advise you to contact them directly for a free quote.

Where are Southern Trailer Hire Located?

Southern Trailer Hire are located in Alton, Hampshire, and they offer their services throughout the Hampshire area.  If you would like to contact them for a quote they can be contacted by phone on 01420 564191.  Further information can be found on their website.

If you are looking for a trailer hire company, you cannot go wrong with Southern Trailer Hire.  They are a very popular company in the Hampshire area and have every type of trailer that you could think of.  Their prices vary depending on your needs and their trailers are also available for long term hire if this is what you require.  Customer service is their highest priority, and you are sure to have a good experience, no matter what your trailer hire needs.


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