Rubery Trailer Hire

Moving things from one place to another is not that easy, especially if you do not have too many willing hands that can help and you are confronted with a truckload of things to move.  Using your car may prove to be convenient if you do not need to move a lot, but what if you are moving houses and that large dining set won’t just fit into that trusty sedan of yours?  This is where trailer hire comes in.  By hiring the right kind of trailer, you can move anything from cars, large plants, and even a mansion’s worth of furniture in just one trip!

Who are Rubery Trailer Hire?

If you were convinced by the introduction of this article that a trailer hire is the answer to your moving problems, then you might as well acquaint yourself with some of the most trusted trailer hire companies in the United Kingdom.  Rubery Trailer Hire has been in service to needy UK clients since 2005, providing sterling service at pleasantly reasonable rates.  Located in Bristol, Avon, the company services clients located in the area and other clients who make special arrangements that are located in farther places.  All you need to do to make a reservation is to give them a call or make a reservation and submit it through an online form that can be found on their website.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Tractor with Rubery Trailer Hire?

Rubery Trailer Hire offers quite a few trailer models that would surely suit all kinds of client needs.  The following trailer models are offered for hire by Rubery Trailer Hire:

  • Box/tow-a-van rental
  • Plant trailers
  • Car transport trailers
  • Multi-purpose/ high-side trailers

The rates of renting out a trailer at Rubery Trailer Hire depends on the type of trailer you want, the duration of your rental, and when you want to rent the equipment out (weekend rates are quite a bit higher).  To get an accurate quote, you can ask for it at their website and you’ll surely get a reply within 2 business days. 

Where are Rubery Trailer Hire located?

Rubery Trailer Hire mainly caters to a locally-based clientele, although arrangements can be made for distantly-based clients who would like to try out their services.  The company is located at Iron Acton, Bristol, Avon.  To help you find the place easier, go to their website and click the “how to find us” link that will lead you to the Google Map of the area.  You may also reach the company by calling them at 01454 228 667 or filling in an inquiry form on their website.

If you want to get the job done when it comes to moving mammoth-sized things you need to get the right kind of trailer.  And for the job to be done correctly, you have to transact with a reputable trailer hire company.  With Rubery Trailer Hire, set your worries aside because they will surely give you the equipment, ease, and satisfaction that you need to get your job done properly.


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