Nuneaton Trailer Hire

Not everybody owns a car with a sizeable boot and even fewer people own minivans that they can handily use whenever a need arises.  People living in different parts of the United Kingdom, particularly in rural areas, often contemplate buying a small trailer to fulfil all their transport needs.  Trailers are commonly used to transport animals, furniture and perishable goods.  Many small and medium businesses use their own trailers, often incurring high maintenance costs.  The alternative solution is simple: if you don’t need a trailer that you’re going to use on a daily basis, hire one.  This is where Nuneaton Trailer Hire steps in, offering a perfect solution to all problems associated with transporting goods.

Who are Nuneaton Trailer Hire?

Nuneaton Trailer Hire is an extremely successful trailer hire company, offering a variety of equipment for hire at minimum costs.  Nuneaton Trailer Hire provide trailers for customers of all types, from private individuals to shops, businesses and road transport firms.  Their speciality is providing car transporter trailers, each of which comes with a mechanical winch and four wheel straps.  Nuneaton Trailer Hire can organise trailers to suit all car sizes.

Here are some examples of trailers offered by Nuneaton Trailer Hire (the full list is available on the provider’s website):

  • Car transporters
  • Bike trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Car trailers
  • Plant trailer hire

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Nuneaton Trailer Hire?

Nuneaton Trailer Hire offer their trailers and trailer accessories for hire at unbeatable prices.  Here is the breakdown of Nuneaton Trailer Hire costs:

  • Load bed dimensions 3300mm x 1650mm - £100 deposit, £40 for 1 day hire, £160 for 5 day hire, £200 for 7 day hire.
  • Load bed dimensions 4270mm x 1830mm - £100 deposit, £50 for 1 day hire, £200 for 5 day hire, £250 for 7 day hire.
  • Trailer dimensions 1500mm x 1100mm x 450mm - £50 deposit, £10 for 1 day hire, £40 for 5 day hire, £50 for 7 day hire.
  • Trailer dimensions 1240mm x 970mm x 410mm - £50 deposit, £10 for 1 day hire, £40 for 5 day hire, £50 for 7 day hire.

Please note that the final cost is dependent on the type of the trailer, the length of hire and optional charges like delivery and collection fees.

Where are Nuneaton Trailer Hire Located?

Nuneaton Trailer Hire are located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.  The company also provides their car transporter trailer hire services in Birmingham.  You can contact the company on 07538 811 356 for a personalised quote or more information.

With their affordable prices and impeccable customer service skills, topped by years of experience on the English trailer hire market, Nuneaton Trailer Hire a clearly a leader in their business field.  The company has been so successful that they decided to expand their operations into the wider Birmingham area.  It is evident that Nuneaton Trailer Hire will achieve even more in the coming years, with the customer base and trailer hire offers constantly broadening and improving.


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