NTTA Trailer Hire

The trailer hire industry is gaining popularity as more and more customers seek the convenience of hassle-free transport without having to shell out so much money to pay for the services of an efficient and reliable trailer hire company.  There are many types of trailers you can choose from, so whatever you’re determined to transport, you can rest assured that you will find the right trailer hire company to grant you full satisfaction for your money.  So regardless of the size and model of trailer you seek, and even if you’re planning on undertaking a long camping trip or your only focus is to relocate a large sofa, a trailer hire company can help you acquire an adequate means of transportation to see your objective fulfilled.

Who are NTTA Trailer Hire?

Founded in 1975, the NTTA was formed as the Association of Trailer Manufacturers evolving into a wider, modern and dynamic body.  Since then, the NTTA sets the standards for the towing industry today.  As a non profit organisation and the primary body in the United Kingdom associated with the industry of light towing, it upholds the scopes and objectives of its members and updates them on modifications in order to enable them to run their businesses with a higher efficiency.  NTTA Trailer Hire gives businesses of different sizes the additional strength of a national corporation, promoting the responsibility of trailer usage, transforming the abilities and experience of drivers into positive ones, and offering accreditation schemes on the subject of trailer technicality and towbar fitting.

Membership to the NTTA Trailer Hire is open to any person wishing to join, as well as to companies and corporate bodies doing business in the industry.  Such bodies include:

  • Trailer Hirers and Trailer Dealers
  • Manufacturers of Trailers and Towbars
  • Manufacturers  and Suppliers of Accessories and Portable gear
  • User Groups

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with NTTA Trailer Hire?

Since NTTA Trailer Hire is more than a regular trailer hire company, consisting of multiple providers of services related to trailer hire, you are advised to contact the individual companies and ask them for a personalised quote on the trailer you require.

Due to the difficulty of finding insurance for trailers on the market, NTTA Trailer Hire launched an insurance scheme exclusively for its members who hire out trailers.  This trailer hire insurance scheme also benefits customers who are forced by many hiring companies to shoulder all risk for loss or damage to the trailer when out on hire and avoid facing possible charges of hundreds of pounds.  Likewise, it leaves the trailer hire company vulnerable to loss.  For customers considering hiring a trailer, insurance is available starting at £89.  If you need detailed pricing, you can call the company to get the answers you require.

Where are NTTA Trailer Hire Located?

If you require the services of NTTA Trailer Hire, you can locate the company at the following address: Plestowes Barns, Hareway Lane, Barford, Warwickshire CV35 8DD.  You can also phone 01926 335 445 to speak to a company representative.


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