Ice Cool Trailer Hire

England’s trailer hire market has expanded impressively in the recent years.  The presence of various trailer hire providers and the multitude of small and medium companies compels the rise of competitiveness and drives the prices down, while increasing the overall quality of services.  However, this market still has several niches that are yet to be filled.  There is an increasing demand for specialised trailers – not all goods can be transported with the use of conventional trailers and not every trailer is suitable to meet some of the unusual demands that the customers might have.  This is why companies like Ice Cool Trailer Hire have great perspectives for the years to come in the English trailer hire market.

Who are Ice Cool Trailer Hire?

Ice Cool Trailer Hire are a leading provider of mobile walk-in freezers and chillers on trailers.  The company has existed on the English market for the last 20 years and it is well able to handle the needs and requests of both private and commercial customers.  The company is based in Newbury, but provides its services nationwide.

Ice Cool Trailer Hire specialise in providing temporary, mobile refrigeration units at affordable prices, every day and in any location nationwide.  This unique equipment is regularly serviced and maintained and comes with all required certification.

Ice Cool Trailer Hire offer an extensive selection of specialised trailers with various freezers and chilling equipment. This offer includes:

  • Various trailers adapted for carriage of the cooling equipment – fridge trailers, freezer trailers and walk-in freezer trailers.
  • Modular cold rooms – usually used whenever a freezer trailer is not an option due to access restrictions.
  • Fridge cold rooms
  • Walk in freezers

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Ice Cool Trailer Hire?

The costs vary, depending on the type of chillers or freezers, but also on the type of trailers and the length of the hire.  The fridge and freezer trailers usually measure between 6m³ and 10m³ and come fully equipped in shelves and other storage facilities.

Ice Cool Trailer Hire prices are also dependant on the location where the services are provided and some additional costs, including transport, installation, etc.  For quotations and queries relating to particular cooling equipment, please visit Ice Cool Trailer Hire Website or contact the company directly on 01635 250 950.

Where are Ice Cool Trailer Hire located?

Ice Cool Trailer Hire are based in Newbury but provide their services to the whole of the United Kingdom.  The company premises are conveniently located in the vicinity of the M4/A34, which means easy access 24/7.  For further directions to the main office, please contact the company directly on 01635 250 950.

There is no better choice for specialised, mobile freezing and chilling storage facilities than Ice Cool Trailer Hire.  Whether you are running a business and urgently need extra fridges, you just had an emergency or are simply planning a wedding or a big party – all your requests could be answered and fulfilled immediately.  Contact Ice Cool Trailer Hire now and talk to the specialists with over 20 decades of experience about your business or individual needs.


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