HJ Autos Trailer Hire

There are many different types of trailer hire companies in Essex, specialising in all different types of trailers, from livestock trailers to exhibition trailers, from car transporters to catering trailers and from camping trailers to soft play centre trailers, and that is but to name a few.   HJ Autos Trailer Hire is one of the many companies in Essex offering trailer hire.

Who are HJ Autos Trailer Hire?

HJ Autos Trailer hire is a family owned company.  They have been around for many years.  The trailer hire branch of HJ Autos Trailer Hire has been operating since 1994.  The company as a whole prides itself on its traditional values.  They have a strong customer database, with many customers returning regularly and many of their new customers coming from recommendations by others.  HJ Autos Trailer Hire insists on quality and safety, meaning that all their trailers are regularly inspected, serviced and maintained.  All trailers that are hired from HJ Autos Trailer Hire come with a number plate, full electrics, a hitch lock and a spare wheel.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with HJ Autos Trailer Hire?

HJ Autos Trailer Hire offer trailers for hire for daily, weekend, weekly and long term hires.  They pride themselves on their competitive rates.  Prices will vary greatly on the type of trailer you are looking for and how long you require your rental agreement to last.  The different trailers that HJ Autos Trailer Hire offers are:

  • Motorcycle trailers ranging from one to five bikes.  HJ Autos Trailer Hire also specialises in custom bikes, as well as Harley Davidson, Trikes and Goldwings.
  • Car Transporter trailers in various sizes.  Their largest car transporter can carry a 2100 kilogram load.
  • Box Van Trailers in many different sizes, with loads ranging from 500 kilogram to 1500 kilogram.
  • Multipurpose trailers such as goods and flatbed trailers.
  • Camping and luggage trailers that can carry between 200 and 590 kilogram loads.
  • Jet Ski and Dinghi trailers, which come with a padded hull rest as well as a lighting board that can be removed.

Where are HJ Autos Trailer Hire Located?

HJ Autos Trailer Hire a located at Gate 3, Lower Road, Hockley, Essex.  Their postcode is SS5 5JU.  They can be reached by email for main contacts, admin and sales, accounts, delivery and collections and hire and servicing.  Furthermore, you can telephone them on 01702 20 25 43 or fax them on 01702 20 25 43.

As you can see, HJ Auto Trailers is able to service any of your trailer needs by their extensive fleet of different trailers that are able to carry many different loads.  Their prices are very competitive and they will do their best to ensure that you become and remain a happy customer.  With many years of experience, their extensive customer database really speaks for itself, particularly since they have so many happy returning customers who have also recommended them to others.  Always remember that hiring a trailer is generally much cheaper than purchasing one, and with HJ Autos Trailer Hire, you are sure to find the trailer that meets your needs and budget.


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