Hill Hire Trailer Hire

There are many trailer hire companies across the United Kingdom, some of them specialise in very specific trailers, others offer a full array.  Trailers that are only useful for a certain type of irregular use, mainly soft play centre trailers, toilet block trailers, exhibition trailers and catering trailers, are usually hired by very specific companies.  More general or regular trailers such as car transport trailers, livestock trailers, camping trailers and motorcycle trailers are offered together by a single company, a company such as Hill Hire Trailer Hire.

Who are Hill Hire Trailer Hire?

Hill Hire Trailer Hire is a company that started in 1990 with just one single depot, but rapidly expanded into the leading hire company that it is now.  They offer trailer hire all across the United Kingdom, because they have depots all over the country.  This means that no matter what your location is, you can find a depot that is within a reasonable distance of yourself, meaning you could save a lot of money on delivery charges.  Many of their depots also operate around the clock, meaning you could get service at any time of the day.  Hill Hire Trailer Hire pride themselves on the safety of their vehicles and have very stringent maintenance and safety procedures to ensure all their vehicles are of top quality.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Hill Hire Trailer Hire?

The costs of hiring a trailer with Hill Hire Trailer Hire will, of course, depend on the type of trailer you require and how long you require your trailer for.  Hill Hire Trailer Hire specialise in both short and long term hire and offer competitive rates whether you need a trailer for a day or several weeks.  Some of their trailers are listed below

  • 7.5 tonne to 28 tonne rigid trailers that can be curtain siders, box vans (with tail lift) or drop sides
  • temperature controlled vans
  • fridge vans

Where are Hill Hire Trailer Hire Located?

Hill Hire Trailer Hire has depots in both the north and the south of the United Kingdom.  Six depots are located in the South of the country and many more in the North.  Finding your local depot couldn’t be easier.  If you contact Hill Hire Trailer Hire on 0870 366 6464 and give them your postcode, they will direct you to your nearest depot.  Hill Hire Trailer Hire also has an emergency breakdown telephone number, should you have any urgent issues with your trailer.  The telephone number for this is 0871 376 9915.  Of course, you can also email Hill Hire Trailer Hire.

So, if you are looking for trailer hire, you know you will get quality if you go to Hill Hire Trailer Hire.  With depots conveniently located all across the United Kingdom, your trailer will not need to come from far, making them more available for on the spot hire if necessary.  Because of their robust safety and maintenance procedures, you will also be sure that the trailer you receive will be of great quality.


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