Hanford Trailer Hire

Are you experiencing difficulties finding an adequate way of getting your goods transported?  Do you need a camping trailer for that much needed country retreat?  Trailer hire is the answer to service your transport needs.  For people who seldom use a trailer or do not have the space to store one, trailer hire makes moving easier and nowadays, the need to move your personal belongings has never been easier.  From dirt bikes to cars and household appliances, there is a trailer you can hire to suit your requirements.  Trailer hire services are now conveniently available for all your transport needs.

Who are Hanford Trailer Hire?

Established over 30 years ago, Hanford Trailers envisioned themselves to be the best manufacturers of trailer products in the county.  Since then, Hanford Trailers has earned great reputability in the trailer hire domain by providing and producing high quality standard trailers that have earned the satisfaction of their clients.  This is especially true for the bespoke trailers made to their customers’ specifications.

To date, Hanford Trailers is not only a great manufacturer of trailers, but also one of the leading companies that offer trailer hire services in the country.  They carry a wide range of trailers you can hire at an affordable cost.  Considering the impressive Hanford Trailer Hire inventory, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.  From 4ft x 3ft camping trailers to 48ft canoe trailers, Hanford Trailer Hire has it all.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Hanford Trailer Hire?

The staff at Hanford Trailer Hire will be happy to give you the best deal for your trailer requirement.  Trailers can be hired for short or long term use at very reasonable prices.  You can choose from the following variety of Hanford trailer products:


  • Trailers suitable for transportation of any type of bikes. Their optimally welded chassis is resistant enough even for massive bikes.
  • Camping Trailers: these are perfect for use during camping trips, and feature waterproof covers to ensure proper transportation in all weathers.
  • Goods Trailers: these are suitable for transporting a wide range of items, and are equipped with covers for easy loading and unloading.
  • Box vans: these feature a GRP body containing aluminium for providing proper strength and a light weight unit.  The vans are fully enclosed and can be locked whilst not in use.


  • Box vans: these are also fully enclosed and can support a weight of 2500kg.
  • Flat Bed Car Trailers: these are suitable for any type of vehicle.

If you aren’t certain about what type of unit you need or you cannot locate the trailer product required, do give Hanford Trailer Hire a call to find out more.

Where are Hanford Trailer Hire located?

Hanford Trailer Hire is situated at 152 Stone Road, Hanford, Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire.  They can also be contacted through phone on 01782 658 594.

Whenever you have a trailer hire requirement, you can pay the company a visit in order to select the type of trailer that best suits your needs.  Whatever you plan to transport, you can arrange to have single bike trailers, vehicle trailers, goods trailers or box vans put at your disposal.


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