Erento Trailer Hire

If you are not in your local area yet need to hire a trailer, how do you do it?  Especially if you need to hire in another country?  It can be a daunting experience trying to find companies who hire trailers in the area where you will be holding your venue.  Although recommendations from family and friends, and an online search can help a little, you may still be unsure as to what you are getting.  One company who can help out is Erento Trailer Hire.

Who are Erento Trailer Hire?

Erento Trailer Hire is a web-based company that provides a service allowing those who have items for hire to connect with those seeking to hire.  By visiting the Erento Trailer Hire website, you can search for the trailer you need, in the location that you need it.  Erento Trailer Hire does not hire trailers itself.  It merely acts as a conduit so buyers and sellers can locate each other and negotiate the sale.  It provides a valuable service to individuals and businesses.

Currently, Erento trailer hire lists available hires in the UK, Germany, US, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland.  As of this writing, there are over 1,500 listings for the UK.  This includes trailers of all types and sizes.  Once you locate the trailer you want, you click on the item name.  When you do, you are presented with details about the item, the name and contact information of the company offering the hire, and the rate.  Using this information, you contact the company and arrange the hire and pick-up or delivery.

If you are a registered business in the UK, you can contact Erento trailer hire via their website and arrange a consultation to establish your account.  Once your account is established, you simply add your products.  Those seeking to hire from you will contact you via the website.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Erento Trailer Hire?

Depending on your category as either buyer or seller, Erento trailer hire has a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs.  For the buyer, the prices listed are those offered by the hire company for the product listed.  The following list shows the available trailer categories and price ranges as of this writing:

  • Car trailers  from £40 to £280 per day depending on the size;
  • Plant trailers from £53 to £100 per day depending on the size;
  • Multi-purpose trailers from £10 to £165 per day depending on the size;
  • Box van trailers from £40 to £149 per day depending on the size;
  • Motorcycle trailers from £50 to £80 per day depending on the size; and
  • Horse trailers from £91 to £265 per day depending on the size;

If you are a hire company you can list your products on Erento trailer hire for a monthly fee ranging from £27 to £125 depending on the number of items you want to list.

Where are Erento Trailer Hire Located?

Erento trailer hire is web-based so it is available anywhere and any-time you have an internet connection.  With Erento trailer hire being available in other countries, it is a convenient way to inquire and book a trailer hire if you are travelling to the country.

So if you are in the market to hire a trailer, Erento trailer hire can simplify your search.  If you are a hire company, Erento trailer hire offers you a very cost effective way to market your business.  And because it is over the internet, your business is exposed internationally to potential customers with no additional marketing cost.


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