Collease Trailer Hire

The trailer hire market is constantly evolving and expanding.  Many companies find it hard to compete, especially within the United Kingdom as there are plenty of trailer hire providers who offer really good quality services.  The market is flooded with small companies who operate locally; although not many of them realise, that the true potential lies in broadening their operations.  The management team at Collease Trailer Hire decided long ago that only the largest, modern, professionally managed and organised trailer hire companies could really make the difference in this business.  If anybody wants an example of a model, successful trailer hire enterprise, they should have a closer look at Collease Trailer Hire.

Who are Collease Trailer Hire?

Collease Trailer Hire are a large trailer hire provider, operating mostly in the south and east of England.  A team of professionals, committed to deliver the best quality possible at a very competitive price, manages this company.  Collease Trailer hire currently offer an extensive range of trailers, trucks, vans, tractor units and a lot more, all immediately available for hire.  Their trailers and vehicles are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and the rental timeframe is very flexible.

The list of trailers and trailer equipment offered by Collease Trailer Hire includes:

  • Tractor units – low emissions, 6x2 and 6x4 models.
  • Skeletal trailers – very long, efficient trailers, suitable for all industries.
  • Rigids – very versatile vehicles, able to meet the driver’s needs in both sleeper and day cab roles.
  • Curtain trailers – for all your transport needs
  • Heavy fridges – specialized trailers with temperature control facilities, used for transporting foods and other perishables over long distances.
  • Tipping skeletal trailers
  • Multi-function skeletal trailers
  • Hook loaders

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Collease Trailer Hire?

Collease Trailer Hire offer over 3000 trailers and vehicles at really affordable prices.  The list is so vast and changing constantly depending on demands.  If you have an enquiry regarding a particular type of trailer or vehicle, please contact the Collease Trailer Hire central office on 0870 850 8225.  For the customers’ convenience, Collease Trailer Hire have set up a customers’ accounts system on their website – from there you can communicate with them efficiently – they will be more than happy to handle all your requests.

Where are Collease Trailer Hire located?

Collease Trailer Hire operate nationwide, but their depots and offices are located in South and East of England.  Please check where the company premises nearest to you are.

Collease Trailer Hire depots:

  • Norwich
  • Ipswich
  • Felixstowe
  • Enfield
  • Southampton
  • Manchester
  • Dagenham
  • Scunthorpe

For further information and directions, please contact the Collease Trailer Hire central office on 0870 850 8225.

Collease Trailer Hire are by far one of the most professional and specialised trailer hire providers in the United Kingdom.  They are reliable, effective, helpful and have a well-grounded, respectable position in the industry, followed by years of experience.  Please check the Collease Trailer Hire website for new equipment, available for hire on a weekly basis.  If they don’t have what you are looking for – nobody will.


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