Barwell Trailer Hire

Sometimes, having to move heavy loads around is an inevitable situation, but finding the appropriate means of transportation is not without challenges for those that are not familiar with the options available.  If you too find yourself in need of a vehicle to relocate large items or appliances, note that the best way to safely transport your belongings is to acquire a trailer.  And since transporting massive goods is not an action that is demanded all the time, your optimal solution would be to resort to a trailer hire company.  You can easily come across one, and considering how numerous trailer hire providers are, you should have no problems contacting one that would service the area you require.

Who are Barwell Trailer Hire?

Barwell Trailer Hire is a popular provider of different types of trailers, the units being available for sale or hire at very convenient prices.  Barwell Trailer Hire deal only with exceptional trailer brands, and also offer a specialised service in the form of secure storage, as well as collection and delivery services.  By turning to Barwell Trailers, you can take advantage of a wide range of trailers, so that regardless of what your transportation requirements are, you’ll be able to find a unit and thus achieve your goals for the day.  If you find yourself in doubt on what type of trailer is required for the job, you can simply contact the company and they will be more than happy to assist you in finding the optimal solution.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Barwell Trailer Hire?

There are great benefits in having Barwell Trailers as your trailer hire provider.  One advantage of getting your transportation gear from them is that you’ll get to choose from a variety of trailers, including:

  • Vehicle transporters
  • Bike trailers
  • Tipping trailers
  • General duty/plant trailers
  • Camping trailers
  • Horse boxes
  • Box trailers

You will need to book your unit, and offer an upfront payment whilst the overall costs of hiring will be divided into three separate payments.  Hire periods vary as follows: customers can use the company’s trailers for one day, aka up till 24 hours, or they can choose to hire a trailer between 2 days and a whole week.  Prices also vary according to the type of trailer you require, so expect to pay:

  • Between £40 and £100 for a one-day car trailer hire
  • £20-£30 for a bike trailer hire
  • £25 or £45 for one of the two tipping trailers available
  • £27.50 or £35 for one of the two general duty/plant trailers
  • Between £10 and £25 for one of several camping trailers
  • Between £35 and £45 for horse transportation
  • From £25 to £60 for a box trailer. 

Where are Barwell Trailer Hire Located?

You can find the Barwell Trailer Hire company at Kings Court, Kingsfield Road, Barwell, Leicestershire.  Search for Unit 15, or if you don’t plan on driving till there, you can always phone the provider at the following numbers: 01455 844 208 or 07860 865 42.

Barwell Trailer Hire are a popular trailer hire company in the United Kingdom.  With a wide selection of trailers available for hire, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.


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