Aschroft Trailer Hire

The trailer hire market in the United Kingdom is forever growing.  Although no official data is available, the estimates indicate that 25% of the market is saturated.  This is causing a growing need for professional, reliable and affordable trailer hire service providers throughout the whole country.  Ashcroft Trailer Hire is one of these providers.

Who are Ashcroft Trailer Hire?

Ashcroft Trailer Hire is a company with a long business tradition.  It started operating in the early 1960s and since then it has developed a well-grounded and respected business position in the UK.  Ashcroft Trailer Hire has grown from a small local business to a large provider that is currently operating in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.  Ashcroft Trailer Hire offers their trailers and trailer equipment for both short-term and long-term hires.

Ashcroft Trailer Hire currently offers:

  • A wide range of articulated trailers
  • Curtain sides and taut liners
  • Box vans and box trailers
  • Extendable trailers
  • Machinery trailers in various sizes
  • Waste collection trailers

Ashcroft Trailer Hire also provides trailer maintenance, as well as regular trailer service and trailer safety checks.  The company offers trailer conversions and sales at the client’s request and is able to carry out PSV preparations for any type of trailers.  All trailers and trailer equipment provided by Ashcroft Trailer Hire is brand new and is maintained regularly; in addition to that, most trailers are covered by the 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Ashcroft Trailer Hire?

The costs of hiring trailers globally are decreasing, due to the strong competition in this area of business.  Ashcroft Trailer Hire offers their trailers at very competitive, affordable prices.  The cost would depend on the type of hire (whether this is a contract hire or a lease) and the timeframe for the hire (Ashcroft Trailer Hire often offer discounts on long-term trailer hire to regular customers).

In order to obtain a free, personalised quotation, you can contact Ashcroft Trailer Hire by email on their email address: or simply phone their office on 02890 832 641 during usual working hours.  Personal contact is always welcome and appreciated, so feel free to visit Ashcroft Trailer Hire yard in Newtonabbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Where are Ashcroft Trailer Hire located?

The company is conveniently located in the vicinity of the M2 in Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland.  Detailed directions are available on the website or could be given over the phone at your convenience.  The exact location of the company’s yard can also be obtained via Google Maps and downloaded into your navigation system.  Ashcroft Trailer Hire operates in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

If you are looking to hire a trailer, don’t look any further. Ashcroft Trailer Hire will offer an unbeatable value on all trailer and trailer equipment hire.  The company’s offer is constantly expanding to encompass the market needs and a high quality of services is guaranteed.


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