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Trailer hire is an efficient money-saving option for whenever you need to transport large loads from one location to another.  Certainly, you may wonder why you should hire a trailer when you can use your own car or ask a friend and borrow his in order to get the job done.  This may be a viable solution in case you want to bring an armchair to your new apartment, but how would you see your transport problem solved in the eventuality of having to move the contents of an entire bedroom?  What if it is your own vehicle that has to be relocated across country?  For heavy transportation to far-away locations, trailer hire is the recommended method for getting your belongings relocated in a less-time consuming and hassle-free way.

Who are Addscan Trailer Hire?

Addscan Trailer hire is a family run company that has been active in the industry for the last three decades.  Addscan Trailer Hire’s product collection includes not only a variety of trailer types, but also vans, minibuses, cars and lorries.  They also offer a large selection of tools and pieces of equipment to suit different sorts of requirements.  

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Addscan Trailer Hire?

In order to benefit from the company’s trailer hire services, you will need to place a £50 refundable deposit payment.  Customers interested in acquiring a trailer, can do so for a hire period of one day up to a whole week.  Trailers can also be hired during weekends or holiday periods.  The following units are part of the company’s current trailer collection:

  • A 500kg trailer can be hired for £22-82
  • A 2 ton plant trailer can be hired for between £21 and £64
  • A 2 ton tipper trailer costs between £47 and £112
  • You’ll need to pay between £41 and £99 for a box trailer
  • A car transporter trailer can be hired for between £46 and £110
  • A motorcycle trailer can be hired for between £34 and £86

Do note that if you plan on hiring a trailer, it is the company’s requirement that you own a B+E driver’s license.  So, if you acquired your driving license after the 1st of January 1997, you’ll need to undertake and pass a B+E car and trailer testing.

Where are Addscan Trailer Hire Located?

Addscan Trailer Hire owns three depots that cover all south Cheshire and north Shropshire.  You can contact the company at the following addresses and phone numbers: Primo House, Edleston Road, Crewe, Cheshire; you may dial either 01270 211 061 or 01270 211 353 in order to speak to an Addscan representative.

If your driver’s license shows that you passed a B+E test, you can speak to the company and hire a trailer within hours.  There are a wide range of vehicles to choose from and the prices are competitive.  Contact Addscan Trailer Hire today for further information or to make a reservation.  One of their representatives is waiting to take your call.


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