Acorn Trailer Hire

It is not only farmers who require a trailer.  Trailers can be used for transporting furniture, vehicles, luggage or even horses.  If you don’t require a trailer on a long term basis, it can seem pretty pointless to purchase one just to leave it lying around, gathering rust.  This is where trailer hire can come in handy.  There are hundreds of trailer hire companies located all over the UK and all of them offer a number of different trailers for both short and long term hire periods.  Acorn Trailer Hire is one such company.

Who is Acorn Trailer Hire?

Acorn Trailer Hire is a family run business that has a number of trailers and caravans available for hire.  They are located in Reading, although their trailers are available to hire nationwide.  They even allow you to transport their trailers abroad as long as you are in possession of Green Card Insurance.  Acorn Trailer Hire has affordable prices on all of their rentals and a number of different hire packages available for daily, weekend and week rentals.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Trailer with Acorn Trailer Hire?

Acorn Trailer Hire has four different types of trailer available for hire although their fleet is constantly expanding.  Their current trailers and their prices are listed below:

  • (Hands x 2) Horsebox - £35 per day, £58 for the weekend, £165 for the week.
  • 16’ x 6’ Car Transporter - £35 per day, £58 for the weekend, £165 for the week.
  • 10’ x 5’ Tow Van - £35 per day, £58 for the weekend, £165 for the week.
  • 6’ x 4’ Large Open Goods Trailer - £21 per day, £35 for the weekend, £100 for the week.

Long term deals are also available for UK residents, and you are recommended to contact the company for a personalised free quote if you think you will need a trailer for longer than one week.  There may also be an extra charge of £10 (plus VAT) for a number plate to be made for the trailer you require unless you already have a spare number plate that can be used.

Where are Acorn Trailer Hire Located?

Acorn Trailer Hire are located in Aldermaston in Reading.  For a precise location or if you have any enquiries concerning their hire services you can phone them on 01189 712 918 or visit their website where a map and further information is provided.  Reservations can be made either in person, on the phone or via the reservation form on the company’s website.

If you are looking for a trailer hire company in the Reading area, Acorn Trailer Hire may just be the company for you.  Although they specialise in short term rentals, their prices are competitive and their terms are fair.  You can even hire one of their trailers for use abroad which is not possible with many other companies in the UK.  Their friendly staff are ready and waiting to take your call.


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