Trailer Hire FAQs

Transport can be a tricky thing to organise, especially when it’s for personal use.  Hiring out transport companies to get your goods from place A to place B often costs more than if you had to do a number of return trips making it impractical for regular use.  There are however, alternatives to hiring out service providers to move your things, even in specialised situations.  

Trailers can be a great alternative to paying all those extra costs and they also give you the peace of mind that your goods are in your hands.  Who else would take the best care of their things than you?  Trailer hire may be a new idea to some people, which is why we have compiled a list of trailer hire FAQs and answers just to give you some idea of how to go about it and, to get you comfortably saving money in a practical and efficient way.

Trailer Hire FAQs 1 - What kinds of things can trailers safely be used for?

Trailers are used to transport a number of things from personal luggage right through to animals!  They are also capable of mobbing very heavy objects like cars, machinery and industrial goods.  But they are also generally quite safe, despite only being attached at one part.  Many people use trailers to transport things like plants and smaller vehicles like motor bikes and small cars although this isn’t all that you can do with them.  Despite their appearance, trailers are very safe and secure and any trailer that is roadworthy should be able to transport your goods without coming off or letting you down.

Trailer Hire FAQs 2 - How do trailers actually work?

Trailers are moving elements on their own that can be attached to motor vehicles for transport.  This means that if you are going on holiday and need to take a lot of things with you, you could always put them in a closed trailer which ensures their safety.  They are attached to the back of the car or van and are pulled by the momentum of that vehicle whilst moving along their own wheels.

Trailer Hire FAQs 3 - What is a multi-purpose trailer and do you get other kinds?

A multi-purpose trailer can suit all different kinds of needs and is easy to manipulate into a closed trailer or an open one for example.  These are normally quite big in order to accommodate big loads and other forms of heavy goods as opposed to consumer ones.  However, there are a variety of trailers to choose from.  Another kind is the dump trailer which allows you to drop off large goods and is mostly used for heavy and industrial stock.  For travellers there is also the box van trailer which is best for high quality goods or things that you specifically want to protect.  These trailers are normally shielded from the weather and have a mechanism that allows you to lock them.  Once this is done they are virtually impossible to crack open in the limited time someone has at a stop.


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