Trailer Hire Costs

Moving luggage, furniture or even animals can be a nightmare if all you have is a small car or van.  This is especially true when the items you need to transport are over a long distance.  A trailer is a great piece of equipment that can be attached to a car or van and can transport loads of numerous sizes.  There are hundreds of trailer hire companies in the UK, all hiring a number of different trailers.  Depending on the trailer you require, your location, and the length of the hire term, the trailer hire costs will vary.

Why Hire a Trailer?

If you don’t require a trailer on a regular basis, it is much more cost effective to hire.  Not only would you have to find somewhere to keep a trailer if you were to buy one, you would also have the added stresses of road tax, MOT and maintenance to deal with – none of which are cheap.  Trailers can come in useful in a number of different situations where a car or van is too small.  Before we take a look at the trailer hire costs, you should first consider the benefits of trailer hire services:

  • Trailer hires are very affordable and the longer the hire period, the better value for money they are.
  • The trailers that you hire have all been well maintained and safety checked before each hire period.
  • Trailer hire enables you to hire a trailer specific to the job you need to do.  If your needs change, you can easily change your hire.  If you purchase a trailer you will find yourself limited to the trailer’s capacity and if your needs change, you will need to either sell your original or spend even more money.

Factors that Affect Trailer Hire Costs

There are a number of factors that will influence trailer hire costs.  These include:

  • Where you are located in the UK.
  • The length of your hire period.
  • The size of your trailer.
  • The type of trailer you require.
  • The company that you choose.

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Trailer

When you speak to a trailer hire company about the trailers they have available and the trailer hire costs you should also check what is included in the price.  Insurance should be included on all hires, and it is also a good idea to check whether VAT is included or not.  If insurance does not come with a hire vehicle this could cause problems if for example an accident occurs or any damage is caused during the higher period.

Before opting for a specific company you should also compare the rates and services of a few trailer hire companies in your area.  Some may offer cheaper rates for your length of hire, whilst others may offer you a higher level of service.  Trailer hire costs in the UK are affordable, and you are sure to find one that meets your needs.


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