Cheap Trailer Hire

Many people choose to opt for cheap trailer hire as it is a cost effective alternative to purchasing a trailer outright.  This is in part because a trailer is generally only used for certain parts of the year, and secondly because owning a trailer means you are responsible for associated costs such as maintenance, tires, servicing, MOT, insurance and so on.  There are many different types of trailers available.  Some are specialist trailers such as exhibition trailers, toilet block trailers (even available in VIP!) and soft play centre trailers.  Others are suitable for general use, such as domestic trailers, camping trailers or transporter trailers, to name but a few.

Where Can I Find A Cheap Trailer Hire Company?

There are many companies available across the United Kingdom that offer cheap trailer hire. If you are looking for a cheap trailer hire company, you may find it useful to speak to someone that may have used cheap trailer hire companies in the past. You could speak to local farmers, for example, or even people in your immediate surroundings such as family members or friends. They could give you some great recommendations on which companies offer the best cheap trailer hire.

Some of the companies you could think of are:

  • Leicester Trailers, based in Leicester. These offer cheap trailer hire, for a variety of different trailers, ranging from small camping trailers to large tippers.
  • Trident Trailers, based in Faversham and Maidstone. This company regularly has special offers on for cheap trailer hire.
  • AB Trailers, based in Aldershot, offer cheap trailer hire for Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham, Sandhurst, Fleet, Camberley and Frimley and their prices are said to be unbeatable.
  • Towability Trailer Centre, based in Wellingborough, specialising in mobile catering as well as retail kiosks.

Estimated Costs of Cheap Trailer Hire

The cost of cheap trailer hire will vary greatly, particularly depending on the type of trailer you require. Generally, smaller trailers will be much cheaper than large trailers. A dog trailer, for example, can be rented for just an hour and should cost you no more than around £4.60 for an hour or £13 for a full day. These are trailers that are attached to bicycles. However, a large tipper trailer could cost you as much as £50 for a day. Particularly with larger trailers, or any trailer that is towed by a car, van or truck, prices will generally become cheaper for longer hire periods, as many companies will offer discounted rates for long term cheap trailer hire. The same large tipper trailer mentioned earlier should only cost you around £235 for a full week.

If you are looking for cheap trailer hire, you are sure to find a company in the United Kingdom that meets your needs, requirements and budget, regardless of the type of trailer you are looking for. Speaking to other people for trusted recommendations can be a great idea, particularly since it is possible you may receive a discount if you follow a recommendation, as most companies do their best to attract and retain customers.


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